Every photographer started without much knowledge about photography. Many started taking pictures just for fun, not caring about settings. But they all realised at one point that to improve they must learn the fundamentals. Without the basic knowledge of how your camera works you will never be able to fully exploit your camera and get the best results possible. In this introduction series we will be looking into the basic settings of photography and and helping you understanding how every change you make can impact your photo. The basic settings are referred to as The Exposure Triangle.

Will begin by looking at ISO and how it will affect the quality of your image, then we will look at aperture and how to create depth and sharper images, before we look at how the shutter speed impact your image. Each of these articles will be important for you as a beginner to understand how to properly use your camera. By understanding the fundamentals of photography you will be able to take images of much higher quality and also expand your creativeness.


In the final article we will look at The Exposure Triangle as a whole and how the settings impact each other. Slight changes in Aperture will impact the shutter speed, but why? Understanding how the fundamentals is one thing, but knowing how to use them and how they work together is even more important.

Part 1: Introduction to ISO in Landscape Photography
Part 2: Introduction to Aperture in Landscape Photography
Part 3: Introduction to Shutter Speed in Landscape Photography
Part 4: The Exposure Triangle