Top Landscape Photography Courses by Industry Leaders

Our selection of premium video courses for landscape photography is developed by industry-leading photographers to teach you the skills that's taken them years to learn. The courses are carefully handpicked to ensure that you're provided with the most useful and informative resources. The videos range from in-field techniques to specific post-processing techniques and the complete start-to-finish workflows of award-winning landscape photographers.

Ultimate Lightroom RAW Video Course

Ultimate Lightroom RAW - A Course for Nature Photographers

The Ultimate Lightroom RAW is the most thorough and comprehensive Lightroom RAW Processing video course on the market for landscape and nature photographers. With more than 7.5 hours of materials, this video course covers everything from the basics to more advanced workflows. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate photographers.

Northern Lights Photography Course

Northern Lights Photography Made Easy

Northern Lights Photography Made Easy is a comprehensive video course that shares the secrets of capturing and processing amazing images of the night sky’s most amazing phenomenon: the Aurora Borealis. This course teaches you the essential information to capture better images in the field but also several processing techniques to make the images stand out.

Black & White Nature Photography Course

Black & White Photography for Nature Photographers

Black & White Photography: A Complete Guide for Nature Photographers is a comprehensive course that includes several resources to help you become a master Black & White photographer. The course includes an eBook, Photoshop Processing Video, Lightroom Processing video and a Nik Silver Efex Pro Processing Video.

Photoshop Basics Course

Photoshop Basics for Nature Photographers

In Photoshop Basics for Nature Photographers, renowned photographer Mark Metternich takes you through the must-knows in Photoshop for nature photographers. The course is presented in a non-intimidating and easy to understand way. You’ll also be introduced to a few intermediate and advanced techniques along the way, that Mark considers essential in any photographer's processing workflow.

Night Photography Video Course

Capture the Night - A Processing Course for Night Photography

In this special two-part bundle, Arild Heitmann and Ryan Dyar cover almost every aspect of night photography. Starting with a detailed theory about compositions, in-field and processing techniques. The second video is the most detailed instruction on the market for processing images of the Aurora Borealis, focusing on colors, textures, noise, focus stacking in the dark and much more.

"An in-depth and serious approach to the field of focus stacking and blending. I was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and instruction and was soon after out in the field myself using the techniques. Very useful indeed and one video to keep handy for reference. I’m still amazed at one can learn"

Michael Sherman // Focus Stacking for Depth of Field Made Easy

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