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There’s No Such Thing As Bad Light – An Exploration of Creatively Using Midday Light

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There’s No Such Thing as Bad Light is an eBook that should be read by every landscape photographer. With his powerful imagery and well-written text, TJ Thorne proves that good photographs can be made at any time of the day. This is the essential boost that many of us need to get out photographing even when the light is harsh.


Imagine this: You show up to a gorgeous waterfall that you’ve been to countless times in perfect conditions without getting an image you were happy with. Imagine that it’s the middle of the day and that the whole amphitheater is washed in harsh midday light. Imagine that it’s a popular waterfall and that the area is crawling in tourists.

This is probably a situation where you wouldn’t be likely to pull your camera out, right?

Well, what if I told you that this exact scenario happened to me and despite these conditions, I got the only shot of this waterfall that's made it into my portfolio and become an image that I am deeply connected to?

In 'There’s No Such Thing As Bad Light', I'll tell you exactly how I'm able to come home with portfolio images from days like this and how you can do the same. I'm not talking about bad light as in overcast days, I'm talking about harsh, direct, 'crappy' light.

The eBook includes many examples of photographs that I've captured during midday light and while I talk about my approach to those photographs from a technical standpoint with in-field context, the meat of this presentation is the creation of a fresh creative view and interpretation of the way that light behaves during the middle of the day and the ways it can be used to create compelling and meaningful images.

Quick Facts

Author: TJ Thorne
Pages: 75
Topics: Landscape photography in harsh daylight

Includes: 39 Case studies with context, in-field thoughts and processing approach. 
File Format: .pdf

Difficulty: Beginner

A 19-Page Mobile-Friendly Workbook is Included

No Such Thing as Bad Light - Workbook

'There's No Such Thing as Bad Light' includes: 

  • An explanation of my photographic philosophy and how it has enabled me to create personal images that I’m connected to.
  • Reasons why you should consider photographing in midday light.
  • Discussion of how you can start to create images that you love no matter the type of light.
  • A review of nine different types of midday light and creative approaches.
  • Case studies of 39 images with context, in-field thoughts, and processing approach.
  • A 19 page in-field workbook that can be printed or stored on your mobile device to help you approach your photography in a more personal and creative way.

Approach, mindset, and exploration are the keys to succeeding when photographing harsh light and in this eBook, I talk about how you can use those attributes to create midday images that make it straight into your portfolio.


"This e-book gives you back your creativity. It allows you to break the rules you have often heard and photograph what you love in all kinds of light. The examples in each section will inspire you to think of your favorite places to photograph and you will want to revisit them outside of the "best times" or "Golden Hour"... TJ's images along with his quick tips on post processing in each type of light will inspire you to make inspired photos. As you follow through the chapters more and more creative ideas will come to your photography. An excellent choice for beginners to advanced photographers."

Chris Almerini // Winston Salem, NC

Learn to Photograph in Harsh Daylight



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