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Landscape Photography tips & tricks by CaptureLandscapes.

10 Tips to Capture Better Drone Nature Photographs

drone nature photography tips
We've all seen stunning images captured from above but those of you who have a drone know that it can be difficult to get good results. Nailing a gorgeous aerial image doesn't only require patience and good conditions but a lot of trial and error; even a slight change in perspective will make a huge difference.

5 Tips for Landscape Photography in Iceland

Iceland has quickly become one of the most popular countries for landscape photographers to visit. Once you've been there yourself it's not hard to understand why travelers from all around the world are choosing it as their next photography destination. So how do you make sure that you come home with the best...

How to Make a Grey Sky Glow… Without Processing

How to Make a Grey Sky Glow
One of the three major ingredients of great landscape photos is light. Subject matter and composition lay the foundation, but it’s the light that can transform an ordinary scene into something extraordinary. Getting the right light though can be a challenge, especially while traveling. When I travel, I can often just spend a few days in...

3 Essential Tips for Landscape Photography

Essential Tips for Landscape Photographers
Before a presentation we did during a bad-weather day on a photography workshop I co-guided in Northern Norway, I was asked to give my best advice for landscape photographers. I wanted to talk about some slightly different topics rather than repeating standard tips such as 'straighten the horizon', 'use f/11' and 'photograph during golden hour'.

5 Compositional Guidelines to Know in Landscape Photography

The composition is key in photography. It doesn’t matter how good the light is or how much you tweak the image in post-processing; without a strong composition, the image will never be anything other than a ‘nice snap’. It’s also a difficult topic to teach. There are endless of guidelines and so-called rules but you...

Long Exposure Photography Without Filters

Long Exposure Photography Without Filters
Learn How to do Long Exposure Photography Without Filters Chances are that you've heard the term Long Exposure Photography before. You might not know much about it but I can almost guarantee that you've seen images online where the water looks like ice or the clouds are dragged across the sky. You might also know that to capture these images you...

My Favorite Gloves for Landscape Photography

vallerret photography gloves review
Keeping their hands warm is one of the biggest challenges photographers face during the winter months. Born and raised in Norway, I know how dangerous it can be if your hands begin to freeze but warm gloves are typically bulky and hard to use in combination with a camera. Here in Norway we often deal with temperatures down of -25°C...

My Best Practices for Printing Drone Images

My Best Practices for Printing Drone Images
I have been a photographer since the 1970s and I have been a printer of my work from the beginning. In that era, a physical print was almost the only way to share your work with anybody else and ever since, I have never stopped learning how to most effectively make a print that would best convey my intent,...

Step-by-Step Guide to How I Back Up My Photography

How I Back Up My Photography
Backing up your photography is an essential part of any photographer's workflow. I'd go as far as to say it's one of the most important things you can do. Just imagine hard drive failure that results in you losing all your images? That's something that should only take place in your nightmares... It's obvious that many of you understand the...

The Single Best Landscape Photography Tip You Need to Know

The Single Best Landscape Photography Tip You Need to Know
Let's be honest: there are a lot of mediocre and repeating tips out there on how you can improve your landscape photography. Straighten the horizon, buy a new camera, invest in equipment... Sure, these things might have an impact on your images but they won't make you a better photographer. So let's step aside from these common tips and look at the single best...

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