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Landscape Photography tips & tricks by CaptureLandscapes.

The ‘500 Rule’ for Night Photography Explained

500 Rule Night Photography
If you've played around with night photography before you're well aware of the many differences to standard landscape photography. Forget about the rules and guidelines you know about general settings for photography; most of these are likely to do more harm than good when the sun goes down and stars take over the sky.

The Best ISO for Landscape Photography

Best ISO for Landscape Photography
I'm going to start with a statement that you need to remember: choosing the wrong ISO will severely damage the image quality. The aperture and shutter speed are both important for capturing pretty images but the ISO has a direct impact on the image quality. Setting the "wrong" ISO isn't going to make the...

How to Focus in Night Photography

Nail the focus in Night Photography Night Photography is a genre that has become more and more popular the last years. Photographing at night can give stunning results but it also comes with a few more challenges than "regular" daytime photography. The most normal challenge with nighttime photography is getting everything sharp and in focus. Let me tell you this: getting...

Are Smartphones Replacing Professional Cameras?

Are Smartphones Replacing Professional Cameras?
Technology has changed a lot during the last decade or so and it's been fascinating to see how this has impacted the camera market. More and more people rely on mobile phones for their photography and these cameras are better than ever before. But are smartphones going to replace professional cameras? Are we going...

Top 5 Tips for Beginning Landscape Photographers to Stick With It!

5 Tips for Beginning Landscape Photographers to Stick With It!
Let's face it: it takes time to master any skill. Photography is no different. Yes, it's more likely that you get a nice shot after a one-day photography workshop than to learn an advanced song on the guitar in the same time period but we all get lucky now and then. It's not...

7 Useful Tips for Photographing Summer

I often receive a strange look when I mention that summer is my least favorite season. Sure, some relaxing days in the sun are great (not so much the following week with a sunburn though…) but the long summer days often involve long periods of cloudless days, which isn’t ideal for landscape photography. Don’t misunderstand; there are just as many...

7 Unexpected Tips for Better Landscape Photography

Unexpected Tips for Better Landscape Photography
Let’s face it. Half the articles sharing “the top tips” for you to capture better landscape images are rather generic. Sure, straightening the horizon and photographing during the golden hour may have a positive impact on your photos but will they make you a better photographer? Instead of looking at those basics, I...

Video: Tips for Photographing Rivers

Tips for Photographing Rivers
Since I started with landscape photography more than 10 years ago I was drawn to flowing water. The coast, waterfalls and rivers have always been among my favorite subjects to photograph. I love the dynamic, which is created by the flow of water, and the photographic opportunities it presents. Here in Germany one...

10 Tips to Capture Better Drone Nature Photographs

drone nature photography tips
We've all seen stunning images captured from above but those of you who have a drone know that it can be difficult to get good results. Nailing a gorgeous aerial image doesn't only require patience and good conditions but a lot of trial and error; even a slight change in perspective will make a huge difference.

5 Tips for Landscape Photography in Iceland

Iceland has quickly become one of the most popular countries for landscape photographers to visit. Once you've been there yourself it's not hard to understand why travelers from all around the world are choosing it as their next photography destination. So how do you make sure that you come home with the best...

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