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Are you looking for your next photographic adventure? Then join us on an unforgettable journey to some of the most incredible landscapes our planet has to offer. Our goal is for you to return home with memories and photographs that last for a lifetime.

Photo Tours in 2024

Lofoten Islands Winter experience 2024 - FULL (WAITLIST)

Just north of the Arctic Circle you find an archipelago unlike any other. Join us in exploring the magnificent mountains, fjords and beaches, topped with a search for the mezmerising Northern Lights.


The rugged and wild landscapes of the Faroe Islands have gained international attention and it's not without reason that photographers are opening their eyes for it. Join this unforgettable adventure as we explore the very best locations of the islands.


Join us for an unforgettable week in Tenerife under one of the most stunning night skies on the planet.

Having recently returned from a photography workshop tour of the Lofoten Islands with Chris Hoiberg of, I can highly recommend joining one of Chris’s photography tours to be inspired and deepen your photography skills. Not only will the tours be undertaken in beautiful landscapes but Chris will work with you individually to guide you with achieving next level images. Being with Chris reminded me how much I need to learn and has really inspired me to tackle my photographic limitations. During the tour, we also looked at post processing skills with Chris which can be hard to grasp but he manages to simplify it. A memorable trip.

Julie Cooke

Lofoten Winter Workshop 2023

In September 2023, I participated in my first Lofoten tour, guided by Christian Hoiberg. This was my first time visiting Norway and it was beyond anything I ever anticipated. We had a very well planned out tour with a flexible itinerary, but wow, were we blessed with such incredible weather throughout the week. Our tour group was a perfect blend of personalities and Christian was a terrific guide. I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable guide for this trip, both in his helpful photography and editing expertise as well as leading us forth on the rugged terrain that would situate us in the most optimal shooting locations. Because of his outgoing and friendly disposition, he is an exceptional conversationalist, informing us on all things culturally Norwegian. Christian's skills in timing every location perfectly and modifying the tour to accomedate weather made this one of the best photography tours I have participated in. I feel we made the most of this trip, filling the entire tour with unique excursions, adventure, excitement and not to mention, 2 aurora sightings! This photo tour was something special and an especially unforgettable experience. Much gratitude to Christian for providing us with the adventure of a lifetime. The question is, where will he take us next?

Jenna Ryan

Lofoten Autumn Workshop 2023