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"Not only a very helpful guide for beginners and more experienced photographers, but also an extremely well written and illustrated book for everyone who’s looking for inspiration on a high standard. You will want to take photos from the first page and might change the way you shoot from scratch."

- Johannes Nollmeyer on A Comprehensive Introduction to Landscape Photography

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A Comprehensive Introduction to Landscape Photography

A Comprehensive Introduction to Landscape Photography is your go-to eBook for an in-depth introduction to Landscape Photography. Whether you’ve just bought your first camera, have been using one for a couple years or you haven’t yet purchased your first, this eBook is a natural place to begin.

The Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography

In The Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography eBook, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to capture stunning images by the use of a slow shutter speed. This eBook is for those who wish to take their photography one step further and expand their creativity.

Mastering Adobe Lightroom Front Page

Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic: The Complete Guide

Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic: The Complete Guide is an in-depth eBook and video course that will make you comfortable using Lightroom’s Library and Develop Module. Here you’ll learn the essentials of organizing and processing images.

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 Michael Ryno 

 verified owner 

This ebook (A Photographer’s Guide to Luminosity Masks) is a great resource for understanding how luminosity masks are created and how to effectively use them as part of the post processing workflow. I had previously used luminosity masks occasionally, but was unsure of when and how they could benefit an image. This book provides great explanations as well as examples that demonstrate the benefits.

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