Another great year is at an end and it’s that time again where people reflect on the year gone by and prepare for the next. For photographers, this often means looking at the images captured throughout the year and beginning to plan next year’s adventures.

Here at CaptureLandscapes, it’s been an exciting year with more than 90 articles published. Over 15 photographers have been interviewed, inspirational stories have been shared, and lots of in-depth tutorials have been written.

I’ve received several emails from you, the CaptureLandscapes readers, telling me about the struggles and progresses you’ve had. I’m always excited to hear about your progress and there’s nothing more motivational than reading how the CaptureLandscapes content has helped you capture more compelling images.

Most Popular Articles of 2017

It’s humbling to see that the CaptureLandscapes articles have been engaging both on the website and across Social Media.

This year I’ve had the pleasure of having several talented photographers contribute and share their knowledge with us, something you seem to have appreciated as much as me!

Here’s a list of the articles that have been most read, shared and discussed:

Which article did you find most useful this year? Let me know in a comment!

Most Popular Resources of 2017

After a lot of work and dedication, my eBooks The Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography and A Comprehensive Introduction to Landscape Photography were published in March and September. The feedback I received was overwhelming!

In May the new Resource Page was launched. Here you find video tutorials and eBooks from industry leading photographers such as Ted Gore, Enrico Fossati, Sarah Marino, Mark Metternich, Eric Bennett, Mikko Lagerstedt, Clint Burkinshaw and Rachel Ross Jones.

I’m thrilled to see that so many of you have shown interest in taking your photography to the next level by purchasing one or more premium tutorials.

These have been the most popular resources of 2017:

Both Raya Pro and Vallerret Photography Gloves have been popular products that I’ve promoted in addition to those sold here on CaptureLandscapes.

What to Expect in 2018

So what can you expect from CaptureLandscapes in the coming year?

2018 will be an exciting year for both CaptureLandscapes and you, the readers. While I’ll continue to share my knowledge and produce the best quality content I’m able to, there will be a few key changes and highlights you’ll notice:

  • More content – there will be at least 3(!) articles published each week.
  • A new weekly segment containing one quick tip
  • There will be more guest contributors
  • There’s going to be a few new freebies!
  • Updated and improved website design
  • More engagement and discussions on our Facebook Page
  • … and a new course + eBook.

In other words, it’s going to be a busy year here at CaptureLandscapes. I’ll send a more detailed description of what to expect from 2018 in a newsletter early in January, so if you’re not already a subscriber be sure to sign up!

How to Support CaptureLandscapes

This website was created with the purpose of helping you become a better photographer and the majority of its content is FREE – I rely on your support to keep it going as the cost of running a website with an increasing amount of traffic is significant.

The best way to help me continue providing all the free tutorials, tips & tricks and interviews is by investing in one of our eBooks or courses from the Resource Page.

Landscape Photography eBook Bundle

In addition to the products sold on the website, CaptureLandscapes is an affiliate for a few select products or tools. This means that I get a small percentage of sales that are made through our link with no additional cost for you.

For example, if you want to begin using Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, signing up to one of their creative cloud plans gives us a percentage of the first transaction (the price remains the same for you).

A free method to support CaptureLandscapes is by simply sharing or commenting on our posts and articles. This helps us reach other aspiring photographers and hopefully have an influence on their journey as well.

I’m looking forward to continue being a part of your photographic adventure and to keep sharing my knowledge and experiences with you. I hope you’ve all had a great year and that you’ve seen an improvement in your photography.

Have a great holiday – see you next year!