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Ultimate Sharpening Workflow for Fine Art Printing

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In this 3+ hour video, Mark Metternich takes you through a 5-stage sharpening system that he uses for his top end fine art clients. You’ll also learn a lot of extra information on the way, including several Photoshop techniques.


Having your images printed is one of the most rewarding feelings for photographers. It's not until this moment that the workflow is completed. Still, so many fail to master this final process and end up with mediocre prints that won't impress either themselves or potential clients. 

It's time to stop wasting time and money, and learn how to become a master printmaker. The Ultimate Sharpening Workflow for Fine Art Printing shows the exact start-to-finish process that renowned printmaker Mark Metternich uses for his top end fine art clients.

Sharpening is an essential aspect of the process to introduce detail and make high-quality prints. There are many methods to sharpen images for fine art printing but it's a complicated subject with a lot of misinformation.

In this video, Mark shares the knowledge he's gathered throughout more than 10 years of full-time, intensive and extensive study of the subject. He's a digital imaging specialist who's worked with several top end nature photographers and helped them create top end, fine art gallery prints. Now he's sharing this insider knowledge with you.

Nothing is held back in this 3+ hour video and you're taken through a 5-stage sharpening system used to produce luxury prints for fine art clients.

Quick Facts

Instructor: Mark Metternich
Duration: 3 Hours +
Softwares: Adobe Lightroom / Camera RAW & Adobe Photoshop
Topic: Sharpening for Fine Art Printing

Difficulty: Suitable for All

File Size: 675MB - Allow enough time for the course to fully download.


The Ultimate Sharpening Workflow for Fine Art Printing is considered to be among the very best print courses for both beginner and master printmakers. The techniques taught in this course is inspired and trusted by the greatest gurus in the industry and is used in producing gallery-quality prints.

The Instructor

For over a decade and a half Mark Metternich has been one of a few elite, highly sought after, cutting edge, digital imaging specialists producing countless thousands of world-class fine art gallery enlargements for high-end photography galleries and individuals around the world.

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1 review for Ultimate Sharpening Workflow for Fine Art Printing

  1. Reg Gibson (verified owner)

    Great information, very detailed, a breakthrough for me!!!

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