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Black & White Photography: A Complete Guide for Nature Photographers

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Black & White Photography: A Complete Guide for Nature Photographers is a comprehensive B&W course that includes several resources to help you learn. Included is one eBook, one Photoshop Processing Video, one Lightroom Processing video and a Nik Silver Efex Pro Processing Video.


Black & White Photography: A Complete Guide for Nature Photographers is a course designed to help you create compelling black and white images.

This is a highly practical course that introduces you to essential tools the tools that can be immediately integrated into your workflow. It's designed for photographers of all levels and is equally important for both beginning and advanced photographers. 

The course includes lessons in understanding the essentials of Black & White photography, guidance on topics such as creativity, personal expression, and storytelling, as well as practical tips on seeing in B&W.

You're also given complete start-to-finish processing workflows in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. There are multiple practice files included for you to easily follow along and try the techniques yourself.

Quick Facts

Instructor: Sarah Marino
Duration: 5 Hours
Softwares: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop & Silver Efex Pro

Included: 183-page eBook, 9 Videos & 8 Practice Files
Topics: Black & White Essentials, Creative Expressions, Processing Workflows ++
Difficulty: Suitable for All

Downsized project files are included for you to easily follow along.


Included in the Bundle

The Black & White Photography: A Complete Guide for Nature Photographers course includes four separate resources and is suitable for photographers of all levels. Having a basic understanding of the principles of digital photography, including exposure, focusing, and photo processing, will help you get the most out of this course.

Inside this course you'll find:

  • A 183-page PDF ebook including more than 80 photographs and many illustrations
  • 9 videos, including essential concepts, workflow recommendations, an overview of key processing tools (Lightroom, Photoshop, and Silver Efex Pro), and three full start-to-finish examples. Total running time is almost five hours.
  • 8 practice files that you can use to follow the lessons in the videos and the ebook
  • Many tutorials and exercises to help you immediately implement these ideas into your field practices and workflow

This comprehensive course developed by expert nature photographer Sarah Marino will give you a greater understanding of Black & White Photography and the techniques involved throughout the process.

The Instructor

Sarah Marino is a professional nature and landscape photographer, photography educator, and widely published writer. She strives to capture personally expressive photographs that convey the elegance, beauty, and awe-inspiring qualities of the landscapes she visits.

Learn to Photograph in Black & White



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