Lead image by Sandra Bartocha

Are you looking for inspiration for your landscape photography? Look no further! Our list of the top 25 landscape photographers in 2022 showcases some of the most talented and creative photographers in the field today.

Limiting the list to only 25 is nearly an impossible task as there are so many incredible photographers to choose from. Every year I’m reminded just how much talent there is out there. It’s inspiring, humbling, and quite beautiful that there are so many creative individuals who have a passion for photography.

However, I tried to select a diverse group of photographers who are pushing the boundaries of landscape photography and creating breathtaking images. From majestic mountain vistas to intimate nature scenes, these photographers have a way of capturing the beauty and majesty of the natural world in a way that is truly special.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an amateur photographer just starting out, I hope that this list will provide some inspiration and guidance as you continue on your own journey in landscape photography.

Birgitte Bourger

Website / Instagram

Birgitte is a French photographer who’s spent the past 35 years living and working in French Polynesia. Her portfolio consists in large of minimalistic and abstract photography, with a special focus on marine life. Personally, I find her images dreamy with a sense of mystery, and often end up staring at an image for longer than I’d like to admit.

Carolyn Cheng

Website / Instagram

I tend not to repeat names in the yearly top photographer lists but it’s hard not to mention the work of Carolyn once more. Her abstract aerial photography is nothing less than mesmerizing. Visit her website and browse through the galleries, and you’ll be in for a treat.

Dan Ballard

Website / Instagram

Dan Ballard is a professional landscape photographer and educator from Colorado. His colorful, painterly and somewhat dramatic images have made him a well-respected name in the industry.

Darren Gentle

Website / Instagram

Darren is an Australian photographer who’s well-known for his unique ocean photography. It has always fascinated me how one can capture something so dramatic yet make it appear as one of the most peaceful things. This is something that, in my eyes, Darren has mastered to perfection.

Dusty Doddridge

Website / Instagram

Dusty is a landscape photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. His photography and love for the outdoors have brought him on journeys around the world but it’s the Western US, the Arctic, and the diverse mountain scenery of his home state that has become his primary focus.

Helmut Pilo

Website / Instagram

Helmut is an Italian photographer who, quite honestly, has been one of my biggest sources of inspiration this year. His calm, peaceful and often abstract imagery is always a pleasure to view.

Jason Pettit

Website / Instagram

Jason is a Canadian landscape photographer born and raised in Prince Edward County. I have really grown to enjoy Jason’s work since coming across it earlier this year, and I find his scenes a nice and calm break from a lot of the “overly epic” photography we see today.

Jenna Dixon

Website / Instagram

Jenna is a landscape and adventure photographer from the Canadian Rockies with a gallery that it’s worth diving into. On top of being a highly skilled landscape photographer, she also has an impressive portfolio of commercial work.

Jeremy Jackson


Jeremy Jackson, also known as Marulandscapes, is a landscape photographer from the Pacific North West in the US. His eye for detail and color has resulted in what can only be described as a world-class portfolio.

Julia Redl

Website / Instagram

German photographer Julia Redl is someone who I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following throughout the year. She’s a master of intimate and abstract scenes but frequently delivers world-class grand landscape images too.

Kelly DeLay

Website / Instagram

When thinking of storm photography there’s one name that always comes to mind: Kelly DeLay. His photography of stormy clouds and lightning is simply jaw-dropping. If nothing else, it makes me even more excited to witness moments like those for myself.

Kelvin Yuen


Kelvin is a Hong Kong-based landscape photographer who’s become widely known for his wild and dramatic images. His photography brings us to wild and mountainous areas around the globe. I can’t help but to feel the urge of an adventure when I’m viewing his images.

Klaus Axelsen

Website / Instagram

Klaus is a Norwegian landscape photographer who perfectly captures the light and textures in both intimate and grand landscapes. I’m a huge fan of his use of colors but often it’s his compositional skills that leave me in awe.

Lisa Michele Burns

Website / Instagram

Lisa Michele Burns is an Australian travel and landscape photographer. She’s also known as The Wandering Lens, the name of her website where she publishes various photography content. In my eyes, Lisa is a master of producing feel-good photography and, especially during the dark winter months of the Arctic, I can rely on her work to bring some color into my life.

Miguel Serra

Website / Instagram

Miguel Serra is someone whose work I sincerely enjoy following. It’s the perfect combination of quiet, abstract, and moody. His use of color and ability to find subjects that most would walk past is something that’s really impressed me.

Mike DiMeola

Website / Instagram

Mike is an American photographer based in Central Vermont. His work tends to be on the more abstract side with minimalistic compositions and it’s exactly this that made me fall in love with his work.

top landscape photographers in 2022

Morten Eriksen


Morten Eriksen is a Norwegian photographer who I’ve had the pleasure of following for the past few years. It’s been inspiring to watch his journey and see just how big leaps he’s taking with his work. In my opinion, amongst the best landscape photographers out there right now.

Mustafa Aydin

Website / Instagram

I’ll admit that my deep space photography knowledge is pretty limited but it’s a genre that I find both beautiful and exciting. Mustafa Aydin is one who’s able to capture the mysteries of our universe and I can’t help but let my mind wander when viewing his stunning photographs.

Orsolya Haarberg

Website / Instagram

Orsolya Haarberg is of Hungarian heritage but has resided in Norway since 2005. She’s had multiple stories featured in National Geographic and is internationally known for her exhibitions. I find that her work perfectly captures the essence of the North, often without focusing on the most known regions.

Paul Killeen

Website / Instagram

Paul is a landscape photographer from Northern Ireland who got a lot of attention this year after winning the World Landscape Photographer 2022 award and featuring in UK International Landscape Photographer of the Year. I look forward to seeing more of Paul’s work in the coming years.

Rach Stewart

Website / Instagram

Rach Stewart is an awarded landscape photographer from New Zealand who’s developed her own recognizable style. Her colorful and dreamy images have made her a well-known name in the world of photography, and it’s not hard to understand why:

Roksolyana Hilevych


Based in the Italian Dolomites, Roksolyana has become well-known for her atmospheric images. I’m always impressed by her skill of finding unique compositions and, of course, her impressive post-processing. Make sure to check out this Photographer of the Month interview we did with Roksolyana a little while back.

Sandra Bartocha

Website / Instagram

As the 2022 Photographer of the Year here on CaptureLandscapes, Sandra’s name is a given on this list. Her work continues to leave me speechless and I can’t help but feel inspired each time I’m viewing her work. If you haven’t got a copy of her books yet, I strongly recommend doing so!

Sarah Hasan Alsayegh

Website / Instagram

Sarah is a Kuwait-based landscape, city, and storm photographer who I believe everyone should be following online. Her incredible storm images are thrilling to look at. I think her work speaks for itself:

Tania Malkin

Website / Instagram

Photographing aerials in Australia has been a dream of mine for a long time now and photographers such as Tania are a big reason why. Her way of capturing this stunning scenery is nothing but inspiring, and it’s a joy every time I see one of her images.


Editors note: One of the most difficult things about creating this annual list is that it’s nearly impossible to limit it to only 25 photographers. There are so many incredible artists out there that fully deserve to be mentioned here as well. In fact, it blows my mind just how much talent there is out there.

I’m always curious to hear who you find inspiring too, so make sure to share some words about your favorite photographers in the comments below. Let’s keep this list growing.