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Welcome to CaptureLandscapes – a place to develop the skills needed to capture beautiful and impactful images. My name is Christian Hoiberg and I’m the guy behind CaptureLandscapes. When I first picked up a camera more than 15 years ago, there wasn’t a lot of resources to learn photography. Sure, you had some good books and the odd online tutorials, but there wasn’t a place to interact, a place to ask questions or a place to learn what you really wanted to know. Many years later, photography became more than just a passion. It became clear that this is what I want to do. As a way to improve my own photography and become more confident with the subjects I already knew, I began sharing occasional articles and tutorials on my personal website. Fast forward another couple of years and the articles started to get some more traffic and I felt the urge to do something more serious, I noticed the lack of landscape photography dedicated websites. That’s when CaptureLandscapes was born. Today CaptureLandscapes has grown to be more than just a website that offers tips & tricks. It’s become a place where photographers of all levels can continue improving their landscape photography and stay inspired. Industry-leading landscape photographers have contributed to the website by sharing their knowledge and we’re developing several premium courses and eBooks which can help skyrocket your skills. CaptureLandscapes aim to deliver high-quality and relevant content which means that your opinion matters. Either you have general feedback about our page, a question about landscape photography or an article request, I would love to hear from you in an email.

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