2020 has been a different year and the pandemic has certainly been a challenge for many photographers. Income revenues have disappeared over night, long-planned trips have been cancelled, and artists have been forced to find new ways to secure their livelihood.

But there’s been an abundance of inspirational photography admits all the chaos that’s saturated the year. Some have taken the time to explore their backyards, others have done a much-needed dive into their archives. These inspirational photographers have been a bright light during dark days and, if anything, it’s made us even more appreciative of nature and the time we spend in it.

There are so many photographers that have been inspiring in one way or other this year, but the list below is some of those that have inspired me the most.

Lead image by Kai Hornung

Alister Benn

Instagram / Website

Alister Benn is a photographer who’s made the most out of the pandemic and through his YouTube channel he’s inspired thousands of photographers to create more expressive photography. I’ve found his work from the Gobi desert in China particularly inspiring and it’s had me daydreaming of travel and new adventures.

Note: Alister Benn was also named ‘Photographer of the Year 2020′ at CaptureLandscapes.

Carolyn Cheng

Instagram / Website

I just recently came across Carolyn Cheng’s work but I instantly fell in love with it. Her abstract portfolio is quite unique and I’ve found myself clicking my way through her galleries over and over again. It’s refreshing to see the world from a whole different perspective!

Chance Allred


Chance Allred placed 3rd overall in the popular International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition and it’s not hard to understand why when you see his beautiful entry. His vivid and often otherworldly photos have stood out this year.

Gheorghe Popa

Instagram / Website

Gheorghe Popa is a Romanian fine art photographer whose work I’ve fallen in love with. His abstract and often minimalistic images stand out and I’ve enjoyed diving into his various photography series over on his website.

Helen Trust

Instagram / Website

Helen Trust’s minimalistic and calming images have left me in awe. Her work is constantly good and easy to recognise. I’m enjoying her creative use of the shutter speed and the combination of abstract forest, and seascape photography.

Huibo Hou

Instagram / Website

Chinese born, now San Diego based, black & white landscape photographer Huibo Hou is a name worth noting. If you enjoy monochrome photography, this is for you. Her high-contrast and well framed images are world-class, and her portfolio is one to get lost in.

Kai Hornung

Instagram / Website

Kai Hornung is a German photographer who’s really made a name for himself in 2020. His gallery is packed with beautiful images and it’s been exciting to see him work more in local regions as well. Kai is a master of both wide-angle and intimate photography and I’m looking forward to following him in the years to come.

Kelvin Yuen


Kelvin Yuen is a Hong Kong based landscape photographer who’s atmospheric work has rewarded him with the title ‘International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020’. His approach to ‘extreme’ compositions and often surreal processing stands out from the crowd and results in an impressive portfolio.

Kevin Teerlynck


Belgian photographer Kevin Teerlynck is one that I’ve particularly enjoyed following online through 2020. His diverse portfolio consists of awe-inspiring images featuring everything from seascapes to woodlands or mountains, making it exciting to see what’s next!

Klaus Axelsen

Instagram / Website

Norwegian photographer Klaus Axelsen is someone who I only recently came across but I instantly fell in love with his impressive portfolio of images. As a Norwegian myself, I really enjoy seeing his unique and creative compositions from various corners of our beautiful country.

Laura Oppelt

Instagram / Website

Laura is a German photographer and geography student who’s built an impressive portfolio, mainly consisting of images from the Nordic countries. She’s quickly become a big talent and has mastered all the elements from compelling compositions to eye-pleasing post-processing.

Mark Price

Instagram / Website

UK based landscape photographer Mark Price is someone who’s work I’ve been particularly impressed with this year. He’s a photographer who’s used the lockdown to fully exploit his backyard, and has created a stunning portfolio of local images.

Michael Cowen


Michael Cowen is, in my eyes, a master of minimalism and fine art photography. I’ve particularly fallen in love with his aerial views and his ability to maintain such a clean and expressive portfolio.

Nicolas Evariste

Instagram / Website

If you’re looking for inspirational Black & White Photography, look no further than French photographer Nicolas Evariste. I’m blown away by his quality work and often find myself staring at his images. His eye for compositions, and often minimalistic approach, has made him one of the top landscape photographers of 2020.

Petros Koublis

Instagram / Website

Petros Koublis has undoubtedly been one of my favorite discoveries this year. I’m amazed by his consistently high-quality images and find myself mumbling something along the line of ‘wow’ each and every time I see a new photo of his. Few photographers have left a bigger impression on me in 2020 than Petros.

Rachel Talibart

Instagram / Website

Rachel Talibart is a British photographer who specializes in photographing seascapes. Her unique captures of waves, and their fascinating personalities, make here one of the top landscape photographers of 2020. Look closely and you might see more than a few faces in here images!

Rene Algesheimer

Instagram / Website

If you are looking for a gallery to dive into for the next hours, look no further than Rene Algesheimer’s. I’ve repeatedly found myself browsing through his portfolios and it’s hard to find something not worth fallen in love with in his clean, minimalistic, and well composed imagery.

Roger Kristiansen


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following Norwegian landscape photographer Roger Kristiansen through 2020. He’s someone who’s used the year productively and has worked hard on building a compelling portfolio. I love the combination between dramatic wide-angle landscapes and more intimate scenes found in his galleries.

Sandra Bartocha

Instagram / Website

Sandra Bartocha was named one of the most inspirational female landscape photographers earlier this year and is an obvious inclusion on this list. Her unique, creative, and natural gallery is world-class and the type of imagery you’d want hanging on the wall.

Serena Dzenis

Instagram / Website

Serena Dzenis is an Australian photographer currently based on Iceland. Her calm and well-composed images have been inspiring throughout the year and it’s been a pleasure following along on her adventures.

I want to give a big thanks to all the photographers who have shared their beautiful work with us throughout the year. You’ve all played an important role in keeping millions of people inspired and appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us.


Who are the photographers that have inspired you the most this year? Leave a link to their website or social media below!