The landscape photography industry tends to be a little male-heavy but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any inspirational female landscape photographers out there. In fact, there’s an abundance of incredible talent and many of whom are important contributors to the community.

This list features some of my favorite female landscape photographers who should be on your radar. Let’s just hop straight into it and enjoy these beautiful photographs:

Candace Dyar

I’ve been following Pacific Northwest landscape photographer Candace Dyar for a long time and her body of work is nothing but stunning. It’s always a highlight when discovering one of her photos in my newsfeed.

Candace is a master of finding, photographing and processing scenes with dramatic lighting but you’ll also find that she’s more than capable of capturing stunning images of more intimate details.

Her consitantly high-quality portfolio is well worth having a look at if you’re in need of some inspiration.

Inspirational female landscape photographers Candace Dyar
Image by Candace Dyar

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Cath Simard

Cath Simard is a self-taught Canadian photographer who’s dreamy and surreal photography always captivates me and leaves me in awe. She describes herself as a landscape and travel photographer as well as a digital artist, who’s not afraid to take her photography beyond reality.

She’s now traveling the world as a full-time photographer and is sponsored by major brands such as Sony. I’m always inspired to get back out traveling when seeing one of her stunning images.

I also admire her will to go on multi-day hikes in remote areas and sleeping in a tent during rough conditions to get a shot. Her work and effort certainly pay off, which her portfolio is proof of.

Inspirational female landscape photographers Cath Simard
Image by Cath Simard

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Erin Babnik

Erin Babnik is a world-class photographer and educator who’s become a well-known name in the landscape photography community and a huge inspiration to many. (Which is also why she was featured as CaptureLandscapes Photographer of the Year 2019).

Her background as an art historian has in many ways shaped her approach to photography and creative philosophies today.

Erin’s work always leaves me stunned. When looking through her images, I can feel the passion and drive she has for perfecting the craft. Her images are truly captivating and I can’t help but be inspired by her vision.

Top Female Landscape Photographer Erin Babnik
Image by Erin Babnik

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Hillary Younger

Hillary Younger is a landscape photographer and community nurse who characterizes herself as ‘a bit of a gypsy’. Having lived in more than 24 places during the past 30 years (included Yukon and the Himalayas), she’s had the opportunity to both see and photograph some of the world’s finest landscapes.

Her curious and adventurous mindset translates beautifully into her photography and I particularly love how she incorporates strong foregrounds and leading lines that drag you right into the image.

Inspirational female landscape photographers Hillary Younger
Image by Hillary Younger

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Isabella Tabacchi

Isabella is an award-winning landscape photographer based in scenic Northern Italy. Her amazing in-field and post-processing techniques have resulted in her winning renowned photography awards such as International Landscape Photographer of the Year and ND Awards.

I’m in particular fascinated by her stunning portfolio of night photography from both Italy and other countries. Viewing these images makes me want to drop everything and run out to stargaze.

She’s also an Hasselblad ambassador who’s been featured in some of the biggest photography magazines (both digitally and printed) out there.

Female Landscape Photographers Isabella Tabacchi
Image by Isabella Tabacchi

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Jennifer Renwick

Jennifer Renwick is a Colorado-based landscape photographer who’s become well known for her abstract and intimate photography. Her Dolphins in Black and White series has become internationally recognized and contains images most of us can only dream about ever capturing.

I’ve been following Jennifer’s work for a while now and every time I think she can’t possibly get any better, she proves me wrong. Her photography is inspiring and I can’t help but feel relaxed and happy when scrolling through her portfolio.

Female Landscape Photographers Jennifer Renwick
Image by Jennifer Renwick

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Kristel Schneider

Kristel Schneider is originally from the Netherlands but in 2007 she moved to France to focus on her passion for nature photography. I am so glad she did because today she’s one of the absolute best photographers in her field.

I find myself keep going back browsing her portfolio and enjoying the natural artsy feel to her images. She’s also published a book by the name of Variations in Trees. This is a book I’ve just purchased myself and can’t wait to enjoy with a cup of tea one evening.

Female Landscape Photographers Kristel Schneider
Image by Kristel Schneider

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Kristina Wilson

Kristina Wilson is a landscape photographer based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is inspired every day by nature and the beauty that surrounds her.

I love Kristina’s light and natural tones to her images. I’m a big fan of her forests and patterns images, they give me such a calm and peaceful feeling.  If you haven’t checked out Kristina’s work yet, I highly recommend doing so.

Top Female Photographers Kristina Wilson
Image by Kristina Wilson


Laura Oppelt

Born and raised in the German countryside, Laura Oppelt has always had a fascination and appreciation for the outdoors. This fascination has now resulted in a stunning portolio of images that lots of effort has gone in to, not only in capturing and processing the image but getting to the locations themselves.

In 2018 she spent 16 months working in Norway, which ended up having a huge impact on her photography. At the young age of 22, Laura has already made a name for herself in the landscape photography community and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the years to come.

The best women photographers Laura Oppelt
Image by Laura Oppelt

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Leah Kennedy

Leah Kennedy is an award-winning Australian photographer with a world-class aerial photography portfolio. Her work is minimalistic and abstract, and often focusing on environmental concerns and societal norms.

I might have first come across Leah’s work because of her abstract aerial photography but her portfolio goes far beyond that; her surreal photography is just as inspiring and she shows that she’s not only a talented photographer but also a digital artist.

The best women photographers Leah Kennedy
Image by Leah Kennedy

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Nicki Frates

Coming from a background with fashion design, Nicki Frates is no stranger to art. Today she’s become an awarded landscape photographer who’s also been featured in the ‘Art My Way’ docu-series by Pixels where you get to learn more about her vision and photography.

I’m in awe of her dramatic photography and impressed with her use of colors. Too often we see these type of ‘dramatic’ images be over-edited and crunchy but Nicki has perfected her post-processing and shooting styles to the point where her images still look natural and clean.

The best women photographers Nicki Frates
Image by Nicki Frates

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Patricia Davidson

Based out of Oregon, USA, many would say that Patricia Davidson lives in a photographer’s paradice. She’s spent over 20 years of her life along the beaches and forests of the Pacific Northwest and has during this time built and incredibly portfolio for herself.

Patricia has a natural and clean feel to her images while still giving them a warm and colorful tone. I always enjoy viewing her photography and have become impressed by the diversity her portfolio has to offer.

The best women photographers Patricia Davidson
Image by Patricia Davidson

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Perri Schelat

Perri’s passion for photography came from her love of being outdoors, an activity she says to find calming and meaningful, which is exactly how I would describe her images too.

I love her use of wide-angle landscape photography and am impressed by compositional skills, in particular her use of strong foregrounds. However, as other photographers featured in this article, her skills go beyond just the use of a particular lens and her portfolio includes several breathtaking images of more abstract and intimate scenes too.

The best women photographers Perri Schelat
Image by Perri Schelat

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Rach Stewart

Rach Stewart is and awarded landscape photographer from New Zealand who’s perfected the art of Long Exposure Photography. With the use of this technique, she’s been able to develop her own recognizable style that she’s now become well known for.

Her photography has been featured in international magazines and newspapers such as The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and National Geographic Traveler Magazine. If you’re not already amongst her hundreds of thousands of social media followers, make sure you go and check her out now.

Inspirational female landscape photographers Rach Stewart
Image by Rach Stewart

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Rachael Talibart

Known for her incredible series of ocean and weave photography, Rachael is an award-winning photographer from the UK who’s portfolio you’re going to love. I’m fascinated by all the faces and characters she’s able to capture from the rough oceans, mostly photographed in the South of England.

I admire how she’s able to convey such power in her photography while still keeping them somewhat minimalistic. If you ever want to learn more about her style of photography, make sure to sign up for one of her workshops in southern England. Her images can also be found in various galleries around England, Spain and the US.

Inspirational female landscape photographers Rachael Talibart
Image by Rachael Talibart

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Rachel Jones Ross

Rachel Jones Ross is a Canadian landscape photographer with a fascination for the night sky and Milky Way. She might be most known for her jaw-dropping night photography but her work and skills go beyond that; browse through her portfolio and you’ll find a range of beautiful photography, often featuring the picturesque Canadian Rockies.

She’s also a talented educator and has made several useful video courses sharing her techniques and advice on how to capture and process more compelling images of the night sky.

Inspirational female landscape photographers Rachel Jones Ross
Image by Rachel Jones Ross

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Sandra Bartocha

Sandra Bartocha is a German landscape photographer who’s style is clean, light, natural and artistic. She’s got an eye for patterns and textures, which she beautifully conveys through her photography. Her acclaimed book by the name of ‘LYS’, featuring the beautiful light in Northern Europa, is one that should be obligatory in any photographer’s book collection.

She’s also been the Vice President of GDT (the German Society for Nature Photographers) since 2007 and is the current Editor-in-chief of their Forum Naturfotografie magazine. In other words, Sandra is highly respected in the world of nature photography. Not only for her unique portfolio but also for her contribution to the community.

Inspirational female landscape photographers Sandra Bartocha
Image by Sandra Bartocha

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Sapna Reddy

The possibility is high that you’ve seen some of Sapna’s photography (perhaps without knowing it’s her’s) already as her images are used as screen savers for video conferencing tools and other software by major corporations like Google, Hitachi, Gap and Yahoo.

She’s now pursuing dual careers in radiology and photography, and it’s within this ‘yin and yang’ she finds her centre of zen. Through her photography, she aims to create images that celebrate life, health and happiness, which I have no doubt she’s succeeding with if you take a look at her portfolio.

Sapna is a contributing for Onlandscape Magazine and has been published in a variety of other magazines, such as Lonely Planet and National Geographic. Her images are also sold to more than 60 countries worldwide through the Yellowkorner franchise.

Female photographers that inspire Sapna Reddy
Image by Sapna Reddy

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Sarah Marino

Sarah Marino is an American landscape photographer that’s become widely known for her unique and stunning flower- and abstract photography. She’s a photographer whos name’s often mentioned in context with the most inspiring photographers of today.

Besides being a talented photographer, Sarah’s also a great writer and educator, which her must-have eBook ‘Beyond the Grand Landscape‘ is proof of.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of her Black & White and Abstracts and Patterns series. These are galleries I frequently visit when in need of some extra inspiration.

Female photographers that inspire Sarah Marino
Image by Sarah Marino

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Serena Dzenis

Originally from Australia, Serena is now based out of the picturesque country of Iceland, a paradise for a landscape photographer who’s a quest to promote conversations about nature conservation. She’s got a background within music photography but her photography has since evolved and included various genres such as documentary and journalism.

I find Serena’s photography to be calm and beautiful to view, and there’s no doubt that she’s become a master of compositions. It’s always a pleasure to browse through her portfolio and I’ll admit that it always leaves me a little more inspired.

Female photographers that inspire Serena Dzenis
Image by Serena Dzenis

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Susan Holt

Susan is a full-time landscape photographer from Arizona whose photography has been featured in many magazines, such as the LA Times and Outdoor Photography Magazine. Besides a commercial photography course she took in college, Susan is primarily a self-taught landscape photographer.

You can see in her body of work how much time and effort has gone into creating these beautiful images so it comes as no surprise that she puts a lot of effort into planning and research location and being there during the ideal conditions.

Patience and Resilience are two keywords she highlights when talking about what it takes to capture the perfect photo.

Female photographers that inspire Susan Holt
Image by Susan Holt


Viktoria Haack

Viktoria Haack is originally from the UK but now resides in the picturesque British Columbia, a part of Canada that many photographer’s would consider an artistic paradise.

She combines her background in fine art and anthropology with her love of nature to bring and a unique perspective in her photography. Her work has been published by various publications including Outdoor Photography and Digital Photo.

I’ve fallen in love with the sense of serenity Viktoria’s images conveyed to me and her portfolio has been among my go-to for inspiration.

Female photographers that inspire Viktoria Haack
Image by Viktoria Haack

Website | Instagram

This list could be a lot longer and if you want to find even more inspirational female landscape photographers, make sure to have a look at this comprehensive list made by Sarah Marino. We’d also love to hear who your favorite female landscape photographers are, so make sure to leave a comment and let us know if she’s not already on the list.

Lead photo by Rach Stewart