10 Most Read Articles on CaptureLandscapes in 2016

It’s incredible to think that it’s almost one year since CaptureLandscapes went online. Since that day we’ve posted one tutorial every week plus one to two inspirational articles a month.

Both I and the guest writers have worked hard to give you the best content to help improve your landscape photography. There’s been articles about post production, in-field techniques, interviews with talented photographers and other inspirational content. The response has been overwhelming and there’s already thousands of people reading our articles every week.

We aim to make 2017 an even better year and we’ll continue to create free tutorials and other photography related content for you. There might also be a new eBook or two coming out soon so watch out for that (be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated)!

Again, I want to thank all of you for a wonderful year and I’m looking forward to sharing 2017 with you as well. Here are our 10 most-read articles of 2016:

#1 – Long Exposure Photography Without Filters

Long Exposure Photography has become an incredibly popular technique during the last years. However, purchasing all the needed accessories can be a large expense and it’s not something everyone can afford. Also, many who are just getting started with photography are reluctant to spend even more money on gear and equipment in the beginning.

Tips for Great Landscape Photography

Even though the image quality will be better when using proper equipment such as ND Filters, it’s possible to achieve a similar effect without using any filters. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to capture beautiful long exposures without using filters.

#2 – 4 Tips for Photographing Nature’s Smaller Scenes

In this guest article, Sarah Marino shares her best tips on photographing intimate landscapes. Sarah explains how you can see beyond the grand landscapes and focus on the smaller, yet equally beautiful, scenes.

It’s easy to forget about the smaller scenes in nature, especially when we’re constantly surrounding ourselves with majestic landscapes. However, once you start looking closer at the details your perspective on photography might be turned upside down.

#3 – 5 Hubs You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram has been a popular topic all over the web in 2016. The social media platform has become one of the most popular places to share images and Instagram Hubs have been an important part of reaching more people.

These 5 hubs have been around for a long time and are, among many, considered to be some of the original featuring profiles.

#4 – How to Choose Your Next Tripod

For anyone who’s been following CaptureLandscapes, you should know by now just how important it is to have a solid tripod. Cheap tripods have the tendency to break easily and they’re not strong enough to stand still as soon as the weather becomes a little more challenging.

Choose your next tripod

This guide shows you what to consider when purchasing a new tripod. Avoid purchasing the wrong tripod again. Find the one that’s right for you!

#5 – Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography

While our most popular article shows you how to capture long exposures without filters, this tutorial includes everything you need to know about Long Exposure Photography.

What’s a long exposure? What filters do you need? What other equipment do you need? How to you use long shutter speeds? When is this beneficial? All of this questions and more are answered in this comprehensive tutorial.

#6 – 3 Tips for Sharper Images

Getting sharp images are among the most common challenges for landscape photographers. These 3 tips will help you capture razor sharp images so you won’t have to worry if an image can be printed or not.

Focus Stacking
Image 1: Focus on the rock Image 2: Focus on the background

I know from experience how frustrating it is to think you’ve captured the perfect image until you come home and realize that it’s not entirely sharp. Learn from my mistakes and avoid making them yourself!

#7 – Edit Images in Less Than Two Minutes

No, it’s not a clickbait! Many of you prefer spending time outside capturing images rather than being inside editing them, which I completely understand. However, processing your images is important if you wish to make them stick out. This tutorial shares two simple workflows that allow you to process your images in only a matter of minutes.

Edit Images in Less Than Two Minutes

#8 – How to Promote Your Photography Through Instagram

As mentioned previously, Instagram is among the most popular places to share and promote your photography. In fact, it’s become so popular that many people are making a living of traveling the world and sharing the images to Instagram.

If you wish to get more followers on Instagram and start promoting your photography on the platform, do not miss this article!

#9 – Photographer of the Month: Mark Metternich

In this interview, Mark Metternich talks about his life as a professional photographer. Mark is a big name in the landscape photography industry and is by many considered to be among the greatest.

Mark Metternich

Mark is an incredibly inspiring person, which is one of the reasons this interview went viral. If you don’t already know who Mark is, be sure to take a look at his work.

#10 – Why You Should Start Shooting Landscapes During the Golden Hour

In this guest article, British photographer Nick Dautlich writes about photographing during the golden hour. One of the easiest, but most efficient, steps you can take towards improving your landscape photography is by being out at the optimal hours.

During golden hour the light is soft and much greater for landscape photography. In this tutorial, you’ll learn why the golden hour is so popular among photographers.

Do you have any specific wishes for articles in 2017? Let us know by either leaving a comment below or sending an email with your request!