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Star Photography Masterclass

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Star Photography Masterclass is an essential guide to stunning Astrophotography. This eBook will teach you how to capture beautiful images of the stars and Milky Way and how to process the images. This book is perfect for both beginning and experienced photographers.


Star Photography Masterclass is not just an eBook about astrophotography techniques and equipment; it’s an essential guide to astrophotography that will teach you how to capture stunning images of the night sky and get the best results in post-processing.

The eBook is perfect for both beginning and experienced photographers and there are riveting post-processing techniques with a unique insight into star photography.

Mikko Lagerstedt is a self-taught photographer who has searched and created many techniques by trial and error during his six-year long photography journey. The tools he shares in Star Photography Masterclass can be applied into your workflow and are easy to follow. All the techniques taught in this eBook were used and tested in the creating of his highly popular photography series ‘Edge’, ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Visions of Depths’.

Star Photography eBook

What You’ll Learn

The Star Photography Masterclass eBook will teach you:

  • How to Capture Astrophotography: Milky Way, Night Sky and Stars
  • Equipment Information for Astrophotography and Post-Processing
  • How to Plan Star Photographs: Location Scouting & Timing
  • How to Capture Star Photographs: Focus, Read the Landscape, Composition and Camera Settings
  • How To Edit Star Photographs in Lightroom / Camera Raw and Photoshop
    • Three In-Depth Tutorials: Visions of DepthDreamy Night and Moonlit.
      • How To Create Surreal Star Photography
      • How To Use Light Pollution in Star Photography
      • How To Use Moonlight in Star Photography
  • Photography Inspiration Exercises to Get Motivated

Get this eBook now and make the most of your next photography adventure beneath the night sky.


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