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Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic: The Complete Guide

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Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic: The Complete Guide is an in-depth eBook and video course that will make you comfortable using Lightroom’s Library and Develop Module. Here you’ll learn the essentials of organizing and processing images.


Overwhelmed with Lightroom? Struggling to locate your images? Not sure which adjustments to use but dream of creating unique images? Then this course is for you.

Adobe Lightroom Classic is arguably the most popular photo editor currently available. It might even be the most popular of all time. 

You see, Lightroom is more than just a photo editor. It's the go-to place for both organizing and processing images.

But however great and intuitive it might be, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a large software with an abundance of tools and settings. 

In other words, things can get confusing. 

Without a solid understanding of the software, you waste valuable time by over-complicating even the simplest tasks and, even worse, you risk damaging your images.

That’s what this course will help you avoid. 

Quick Facts

Author: Christian Hoiberg
Pages: 263
Topics: Adobe Lightroom Classic

Includes: 263-page eBook and 2.5 hours of video
File Format: .pdf & .mp4 (download as a .zip file) 

Suitable For: Beginner & Intermediate

Downscaled RAW files are included for you to follow along with during the editing videos.


Through more than 260 pages and 2.5 hours of video, you'll be given an in-depth walkthrough of Lightroom's Library and Develop Modules; the two modules that are essential to know for any photographer. 

The eBook is written to help you get a better understanding of how Lightroom can be used to both organize and edit your images. Things that seem complicated are simplified and explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

In order to give you an even better understanding of how the most crucial tools work, the course includes an additional 7 Case Study videos. These videos are best viewed after reading the book (or the dedicated chapter) and serve as an additional explanation and real-life use of the tools and features that you need to know. 

The start-to-finish videos teach you both basic adjustments using the standard sliders and more advanced techniques such as color grading, use of filters, and luminosity masks. 

In the Creative Mood workflow, you'll learn all the steps of creating the image below:

What You'll Learn

By purchasing this in-depth course you'll not only learn how to become comfortable using Lightroom but also how to apply that unique touch that makes your images stand out from the crowd. 

Becoming comfortable using a software is without a doubt the most important part of mastering it. Good results can come from randomly pulling sliders but there's no consistency in such an approach; you want to know why, and when, to apply certain adjustments. 

That's what the eBook and videos will help you achieve. It gives you an in-depth look at all the tools found in Lightroom's Library and Develop modules. It simplifies their exact purposes and functions as well as suggests how to use them. 

The course doesn't only look at the editing capabilities of Lightroom. You'll also learn how to build a well-functioning image library that makes it possible to easily locate an image with just a few clicks. This is essential to understand when hard drives fill up with thousands of images.


'Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic' eBook 

The 263-page eBook is amongst the most comprehensive eBooks focusing on Lightroom's Library and Develop Modules. Here you're introduced to all the tools but also given real-life suggestions on how (and when) to use them. 

To make it easy to follow along with, the eBook is split into 4 main parts: 

  • Part 1: The Library Module
  • Part 2: Using the Library Module
  • Part 3: The Develop Module
  • Part 4: Editing in Lightroom

In the first part, you're given a thorough introduction to all the tools found within the Library Module. Here we look at how the tools function and what you need to understand when using them. 

The second part builds on that information and shows when you should, or should not, use these tools. You're also given suggestions on how to get the most out of them so that they can easily be implemented into your workflow. 

The third and fourth parts build on the same concept and teach you the ins and outs of the Develop Module. Here you're given ideas of how to creatively use the tools to add a unique touch to your images. You're also introduced to tools that don't have a direct impact on the images but rather on the efficiency of your workflow - making life in Lightroom a whole lot easier. 

After reading the Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic eBook, you'll be a lot more comfortable using the software for both organizing and editing your images. Things that once looked confusing or intimidating will now be a walk in the park.

'Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic' Case Studies 

While the eBook is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Lightroom and make you more comfortable using it, the video section of the course shows you how this information can be used in real life. 

These videos show you exactly how to take advantage of this powerful software and will help you take the next step in your Lightroom journey.

The more than 2.5 hours of video content is split into 7 parts: 

  • Video 1: Library Module Essentials
  • Video 2: Black & White Editing
  • Video 3: The Range Mask Tool 
  • Video 4: Start-to-Finish Sunrise and Sunset
  • Video 5: Start-to-Finish Creative Mood
  • Video 6: Start-to-Finish Stitching a Panorama 
  • Video 7: Exporting Images

Most of the case studies are focused on the post-processing functions of Lightroom. Through these videos, you'll learn how to apply both easy and advanced techniques that make big differences to your images. This part of the course will be useful for both new and experienced Lightroom users. 

The start-to-finish videos take you through entire workflows that can be adapted for various images. One video teaches you how to get the most out of sunrise and sunset images, one teaches you how to apply a creative mood, and one teaches you how to stitch and process a panoramic image. 

All workflows and techniques taught in these videos can easily be implemented into your own processing workflows too. Best of all? You'll see them make an instant difference to your images.


The Complete Adobe Lightroom Classic Guide

There used to be a time where Lightroom was little more than a tool to organize and make a few basic adjustments to your images. Any real post-processing needed to be done in Adobe Photoshop or another photo editor. 

That’s not the case anymore. Lightroom has become the go-to software for organizing and editing images. It's become so good that it can help you create a unique look that makes your images stand out from the crowd. 

By purchasing this course, you'll receive a 263-page eBook2.5 hours of video case studies, and downscaled image files to work along with. But more importantly, purchasing Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic will help you do exactly that; Master Lightroom. It's your go-to guide for understanding anything related to the Library and Develop Modules. 

Use the eBook to build the fundamental understanding and study the videos to go from amateur to advanced. 

Are you ready to take advantage of Lightroom and start creating images that you're proud of?

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Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so certain that this in-depth Lightroom course will help improve your photography that I offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you're not satisfied with the course, send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund the entire price, no questions asked.

2 reviews for Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic: The Complete Guide

  1. Frank Siebert (verified owner)

    Although I am reasonably proficient in both Lightroom Classic and Photoshop I found this to be an excellent guide.

    I have always enjoyed Chris’s “Capture Landscape”, and found his articles and videos both interesting and full of very useful information.

    From this guide, I picked up a number very useful tips and workflow procedures which I will now utilise going forward. I found Chris’s tutoring style and narration interesting and spot on, with a perfect pace – not too fast and not too slow.

    I can highly recommend this high quality course and for the huge amount of information and videos it’s a bargain and well worth the outlay.

  2. Martin Abrams (verified owner)

    Although I am not a professional photographer yet, I plan to become one. Of course, it is much wiser to read comments from professionals; of course. Now, I think my photos are better than before and better than the average shot. I have been reading/watching a few professionals and reading and watching Mr. Hoiberg for a while now and in May this year I wanted this book, “Mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic: The Complete Guide”. I realized I couldn’t just casually read this book. So I had to wait until I had holidays. I am so glad I focused on this and used examples when reading this book and watching the videos. Extremely interesting and powerful, considering I just started with Lightroom 9 months ago. I am SO GLAD I got this book! There is a lot of information and some things I’ve slightly forgotten where they are but it is easy to find through this book where things are. Mr. Hoiberg puts the writing in a way that I think you can just pick it up when you are even starting photography but in a professional way. The difference between taking a really nice shot and using Lightroom is so different.
    There are a lot of things for me to learn and I will definitely get more of his books. Right now, I am only focusing on Lightroom to become much better.
    Thank you so much!

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