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Intimate Landscape Photography Bundle

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The Intimate Landscape Photography Bundle teaches you the essentials of seeing beyond the grand landscape and capturing compelling images of nature’s smaller scenes. Learn the key approaches, compositions, settings and creative ideas for a variety of different scenarios.


Photographing nature's smaller scenes is arguably one of the harder aspects of landscape photography. How do you even know where to begin when the grand landscape is so beautiful? 

This Macro Photography Bundle will teach you to move beyond the grand landscapes photographed during the golden hour and towards including the smaller scenes and intimate details that are everywhere and available to photograph in all types of light throughout the day.

The included eBooks, field guide, and video case studies are designed to help you accelerate your learning by focusing on the essential concepts. You'll learn exactly how to approach a vide range of scenarios in order to create the most compelling images. 

In the Macro Photography Bundle, we take an accessible approach with a focus on practical advice that you can immediately use to improve your photographs.

Quick Facts

Instructor: Sarah Marino
Included: 2 eBooks, 6 Video Case Studies, 1 PDF Field Guide
Topics: Macro Photography, Abstract Photography, Creative Photography, Post-Processing Approaches

Difficulty: Suitable for All

This bundle includes the essentials of understanding and mastering photographing intimate landscapes.


Included in the Bundle

The Master Macro Photography Bundle includes two eBooks, a field guide and six video case studies that are suitable for photographers of all levels. Having a basic understanding of the principles of digital photography,  will help you get the most out of this course but is not required. 

Beyond the Grand Landscape - 174 pages

This eBook is at 174 pages with over 250 photographs to help you develop a mindset that helps to see and discover nature's smaller scenes. You’ll also be introduced to the techniques used to capture these scenes in the field.

11 Compositional Lessons for Photographing Nature's Smaller Scenes - 131 pages

This 131-page ebook features more than 160 photos to help bring the composition concepts to life, and 10 exercises to help you practice your composition skills out in nature. Photo examples include successes, failures, and alternative views to deepen your learning.

Six Video Case Studies - 70 minutes

These video case studies are made to reinforce the ideas from the 11 Compositional Lessons eBook and give you ideas for how you can assess your compositions, both in the field and when you get home. 

PDF Field Guide for Macro Photography - 21 Pages

Download the field guide to your smartphone and use it as a quick reference while in nature. The field guide includes summaries of the most important information from the ebook, including exercises you can practice to improve your observation and composition skills.

The Instructor

Sarah Marino is a professional nature and landscape photographer, photography educator, and widely published writer. She strives to capture personally expressive photographs that convey the elegance, beauty, and awe-inspiring qualities of the landscapes she visits.

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