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Basics of Lightroom and Photoshop Bundle

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The Basics of Lightroom and Photoshop Bundle includes more than 16 hours of in-depth instructions that introduce you to all the essentials of creating stunning images with Adobe’s popular photo-editors. This bundle is perfect for those who are new to Lightroom and Photoshop.


Are you new to Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop? Then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. These two photo-editors are essential for any landscape photographer but unless you know how to properly use them, you're more likely to harm your images than make them shine. 

This bundle consists of three in-depth video courses with a total playtime of over 16 hours that will teach you all the essentials of mastering Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Each course is designed to give you a thorough introduction to the most important tools and adjustments used by photographers. In addition to this basic introduction, you'll also be given a complete start-to-finish workflow that involves both Lightroom and Photoshop. In this workflow, you can see the tools and adjustments in use, and you'll learn some slightly more advanced techniques that's going to do wonders for your post-processing. 

Quick Facts

Instructor: Sarah Marino
Included: 3 Video Courses
Playtime: 16 hours +
Topics: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe Photoshop

Difficulty: Beginner

Note that this bundle consists of multiple large files. Please allow enough time to fully download the course.


Included in the Bundle

The Master Macro Photography Bundle includes two eBooks, a field guide and six video case studies that are suitable for photographers of all levels. Having a basic understanding of the principles of digital photography,  will help you get the most out of this course but is not required. 

The Ultimate Lightroom RAW

The Ultimate Lightroom RAW is the most thorough and comprehensive Lightroom RAW Processing video course on the market for landscape and nature photographers. With more than 7.5 hours of materials, this video course covers everything from the basics to more advanced workflows. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate photographers.

Photoshop Basics for Nature Photographers

In Photoshop Basics for Nature Photographers, you'll be introduced to all the essential tools that's considered must-knows for nature photographers. The course has a playtime of over 3 hours and is taught in a non-intimidating way. In addition to learning all the basics, you also get introduced to a handful of more advanced techniques.

A-Z Post-Processing Workflow

This video course has a playtime of over 5.5 hours and is a rare opportunity to learn renowned photographer Mark Metternich’s complete post-processing workflow. The video has been in the making for more than two years and teaches you the step-by-step process from RAW image to finished product. It includes both basic, and advanced techniques such as Focus Stacking and Color Management.

The Instructor

For over a decade and a half Mark Metternich has been one of a few elite, highly sought after, cutting edge, digital imaging specialists producing countless thousands of world-class fine art gallery enlargements for high-end photography galleries and individuals around the world.

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