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11 Composition Lessons For Photographing Nature’s Small Scenes

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11 Composition Lessons For Photographing Nature’s Small Scenes is an in-depth eBook accompanied by six additional video case studies and a field guide that all introduce you to the essential toolset of creating beautiful images of intimate landscapes.


For most photographers, building composition skills is a years-long endeavor that includes a lot of time in the field focused on experimentation, with some successes and many failures along the way. While putting in this time is an essential part of the creative process, Sarah Marino designed this ebook, the field guide, and the video case studies to help you accelerate your learning by focusing on essential concepts.

Rather than repeating rigid rules and simplistic basics, this ebook focuses on teaching composition and design concepts; tools for your toolbox to apply in a wide variety of scenarios to a broad range of subjects. Additionally, 11 Composition Lessons takes an accessible approach with a focus on practical advice that you can immediately use to improve your photographs.

While the 11 compositional concepts are relevant to all forms of nature photography, the ebook and case studies focus on the lessons most relevant to photographing intimate landscapes, creative portraits of plants, and abstract renditions of natural subjects. 

11 Composition Lessons Includes: 

  • 131-page PDF ebook featuring more than 160 photos to help bring the composition concepts to life and 10 exercises to help you practice your composition skills out in nature. Photo examples include successes, failures, and alternative views to deepen your learning.

  • A PDF Field Guide that you can download to your smartphone to use as a quick reference while in nature. The field guide includes summaries of the most important information from the ebook, including exercises you can practice to improve your observation and composition skills (21 pages).

  • Six Video Case Studies to reinforce the ideas from the ebook and give you ideas for how you can assess your compositions, both in the field and when you get home (70 minutes). 

5 Essential Composition Concepts for Photographing Nature’s Small Scenes


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