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Post production photography tutorials by CaptureLandscapes.

The Orton Effect Explained

orton effect
There are countless techniques and tools to make your image stand out but few have become as popular as the Orton Effect. The Orton Effect is both loved and hated but still applied to some degree by most landscape photographers. It's not hard to understand why it's become a popular technique when you see just how big of an impact it...

3 Ways to Remove Color Cast in Photoshop

Remove Color Cast in Nik Software
Remove Color Cast in Photoshop Within Minutes Even though modern cameras try to neutralize a fair portion of color cast and you've got the possibility to adjust the White Balance, color cast remains a common problem in the majority of the images we capture. It might not always be prominent but just a slight touch of color cast can be enough...

How to Optimize Images for Instagram

Optimize Images for Instagram
Instagram has become the go-to platform for photographers to market their work. It's not surprising as the image-sharing network has more than 600 million active users, making it the perfect platform to promote your art. Despite being a mobile photography platform, the majority of photographers use it to share their best images, which are normally captured with a DSLR. However,...

An Introduction to Luminosity Masks

Luminosity Mask Tutorial
Luminosity Mask Tutorial Do you feel like you’ve learned how to use your camera and have become curious about post processing techniques? Have you already learned the basics of Adobe Photoshop and are ready to explore some more advanced and powerful techniques? If so, Luminosity Masks is where you should begin. Luminosity Masks have become one of the most popular techniques/tools...

Use This Simple Trick to Delete Multiple Images in Lightroom

How to Delete Multiple Images in Lightroom
One benefit of digital photography is that you don't need to worry about capturing one too many images in the field. In fact, it's better to shoot an extra frame or two in order to ensure that you got a sharp and in-focus shot. However, as your archives start to grow and the hard drives fill up, it becomes challenging...

How to Create a Vignette in Lightroom

how to create vignette in Lightroom
Adding a vignette can be a powerful way to enhance both the mood and the composition of an image. By adjusting the light and selectively darkening certain areas of an image, you're able to guide the viewer's eye more easily through the image and towards the main subject. There are several ways to create a vignette but the only requirement...

Processing Dark and Moody Images

processing moody images
The Power of Moody Images Moody processing is a way to process an image when the light isn't good by the standards. Meaning that there are no colorful skies but instead a dramatic atmosphere with to fog, rain, snow or thunderstorms. My idea of moody processing was born around 2013/2014 when I used to spend most of my weekends in the...

How to Prepare Images for Printing

Prepare images for print
Seeing a finished image displayed online is always a nice feeling but actually holding a physical print gives a completely different type of satisfaction. It's not until the image is printed and hung on a wall that the entire process is finished. However, making a good print usually not as straightforward as one would think and most of us have...

Photoshop Made Easy with Raya Pro

Raya Pro Workflow
Are you feeling overwhelmed with Photoshop? Do you have a hard time remembering how to create and apply certain techniques? Post-processing and Photoshop are becoming an important part of a photographer’s workflow but it involves spending a lot of time repeating the same adjustments over and over. Perhaps you apply the Orton Effect, use Luminosity Masks, or maybe you create...

5 Tips on How to Process Light in Landscape Photography

How to Work Light in Your Landscape Editing
You are into photography. This means you are a light chaser by definition. Because we all know: light makes or breaks a photograph. So how about working light purposely in post-production to create mood and interest in your images? Portrait photographers have an advantage over us landscapers because they set up their artificial light sources inside the studio to have...

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