One of my goals here at CaptureLandscapes is to keep you inspired to go out creating compelling images. Part of that journey involves highlighting talented photographers which is why the Photographer of the Month segment has become so popular.

In 2017 I’ve spent more time than ever viewing the online galleries of fellow photographers, both known and unknown, and it has easily been one of the most inspirational years ever.

While no list can do justice to the number of talented photographers out there, these are the top 25 landscape photographers that have inspired me in 2017 (in no specific order):

Ian Plant

In this age of ‘trophy hunting’, it’s always refreshing to see photographer’s who strive to deliver unique imagery. Ian is known to seek out these new and hard-to-reach locations and brings back amazing photographs from them.


Marsel Van Oosten

Marsel is a Dutch nature photographer known for his mastery of compositions, light and color. Together with his partner, Marsel guides tours all over the world, resulting in a large and inspiring portfolio.


Hougaard Malan

A South African photographer whose work recently crossed my eyes. Though including images from around the world, large parts of his portfolio is featuring the relatively unknown South African landscapes.


Sarah Marino

Sarah has an elegant and unique portfolio but it’s particularly here abstract and intimate work that stands out in my eyes. Her eBook Beyond the Grand Landscape has been my definite favorite read this year and has helped me to pay more attention to the smaller scenes.


Top 25 Landscape Photographers 2017
Image by Sarah Marino

Charlotte Gibb

What I really love about Charlotte’s work is her mastery of color and tonal contrast and ability to capture beautiful images of scenes that most of us might overlook.


Guy Tal

Author to several of my favorite books and well-known for his philosophical essays, Guy Tal is an artist that I consider among my absolute favorite. With an eye for composition and the passion to travel away from the crowds, Guy always delivers inspiring content; either in the form of imagery or writing.


Dustin LeFevre

A Utah based nature photographer specializing in the diverse landscapes of the American West. His work continues to inspire and it’s been a pleasure following him through 2017.


Eric Bennett

Another Utah-based photographer that’s been a pleasure to follow this year. His love for nature and less explored areas shine in his images.

Website (Read our interview with Eric here)

Top 25 Landscape Photographers 2017
Image by Eric Bennett

Dag Ole Nordhaug

If you feel uninspired and lacking motivation, viewing Dag Ole’s portfolio will get you straight back on track. He’s one of few photographers who constantly deliver high-quality photography that leaves your jaw dropped.

Website (See our interview with Dag Ole here)

Andrew Thomas

Andrew is an Australian photographer who has visited all of the US national parks during the last 8 years. These trips, as well as local ones, have resulted in a quite impressive portfolio.


Old Faithful Geyser Yellowstone Andrew Thomson
Image by Andrew Thomas

Perri Schelat

An American photographer who’s got a great eye for composition. Her well composed and colorful images are a treat for the eyes.


Michael Shainblum

Perhaps one of the biggest names in the outdoor photography world of 2017. Michael is best known for his unique and recognizable photographic style but he also creates equally beautiful videos.


Rachel Jones Ross

Rachel, also known as Astralis Photography, is a Canada based photographer with an impressive portfolio of night photography.


David Thompson

Every time I’ve asked you or other photographers who their favorite photographers are, there’s one name that keeps being mentioned: David Thompson. It’s not without a reason that he’s that admired, take a look at his portfolio and you’ll understand why.

Website (Read our interview with David here)

Top Landscape Photographers 2017
Image by David Thompson

Michael Bollino

A Pacific Northwest photographer with an awe-inspiring portfolio. He might not be the most active on social media but there’s no doubt that he’s got one of the greater portfolios from the PNW.


Albert Dros

Albert is a Dutch award-winning nature photographer. With several images being featured on PetaPixel, Flickr and other major photography websites, there’s a big possibility that you’ve noticed him this year.


Mikko Lagerstedt

A Fine Art photographer from Finland specializing in atmospheric night photography. His unique vision has created a portfolio of captivating images that activate your imagination.


Top 25 Landscape Photographers 2017
Image by Mikko Lagerstedt

Varina Patel

Varina is an American photographer and educator and is known to release both high-end photography and tutorials on her website. I love how she uses color in her images without oversaturating and making them appear unnatural.


Stavros Charispoulos

Stavros is a Greek landscape photographer that has an incredible eye for composition. Despite not having a large online following, Stavros is a respected photographer that has won several international awards.


Bruce Percy

A well respected Scottish landscape photographer. Bruce is a compositional genius and his work is captivating. If you’re working on improving your composition, Bruce’ online portfolio is the place to go for inspiration.


Abstract Aerial Art

JP and Mike are two brothers from the UK that photograph the world from above. Their drone photography is exceptional and I often find myself getting lost in their images for long periods of time.


Top 25 Landscape Photographers 2017
Image by Abstract Aerial Art

Alister Benn

Alister is a Scottish photographer with an impressive portfolio of images captured at various remote corners of the world. He generally avoids the typical tourist traps and seeks out remote areas such as the Gobi Desert in China.


Tobias Hägg

Tobias is a Swedish aerial photographer, known as Airpixels, that’s managed to build quite a reputation online. With his creative vision, he captures unique and fascinating scenes from above.


Eskil Digernes

A Norwegian outdoors and adventure photographer. Combining his skills as a long distance hiker and mountaineer, his images take you to places few will ever explore.


Hans Stand

Year after year, Hans remains one of my biggest sources of inspiration. His series of abstract images from Iceland is particularly inspiring when you consider that he started photographing these scenes more than a decade before most photographers even knew what Iceland was.


These are the top 25 landscape photographers that have inspired me throughout 2017. I’m curious to hear who’s been your most inspirational photographers this year, so let’s keep the list expanding in the comments!