For the last few weeks, I’ve been testing the new Miops Mobile; a camera remote that connects to your phone.

It’s no secret that a remote shutter release is an important tool for landscape photographers who want razor sharp images. Unfortunately, as many have experienced, cabled releases tend to break quite easily.

For that reason, wireless remotes have become popular alternatives. The Miops Mobile is one of them and is one worth an extra look.

What is Miops Mobile?

The Miops Mobile is a wireless shutter that connects to your smartphone via a tiny Bluetooth device. It works just like a regular remote shutter but offers a wide range of alternative functions through its smartphone app.

According to its makers, Miops is “the worlds most versatile camera remote“. However, it’s more than just a regular remote.

The tiny Bluetooth device is mounted in the camera’s Hotshoe and connected to the cable release port. Make sure that you’ve downloaded the free Miops Mobile app to your smartphone and have Bluetooth switched on.

Miops Mobile Review
Miops Mobile is easy to connect and use

How to Use Miops Mobile

Open the app and select the connection type ‘Miops Mobile’. Then select your device from the list of online Bluetooth devices and you’re ready to shoot.

The main menu appears once the phone is connected, t. As of writing this, you have 18 functions to choose between. These are the ones most useful for landscape photographers:

  • Cable Release
  • Press & Lock (used for Bulb Mode)
  • Timed Release
  • Self Timer
  • Basic, Long Exposure, HDR & Bulb Timelapse options

There are also a few other functions, such as Motion, Vibration and Sound triggers that are quite interesting. Basically, these options monitor motion, vibration or sound through your smartphone and tell the camera to take pictures when any are detected.

Miops Mobile for Landscape Photographers

At $99, it is not the cheapest option but it’s still more affordable than other professional remote cable releases and you do get a lot for the money.

The real question, though, is if it’s better than a regular remote. Let’s look at some of the pros, cons and uses to answer the question.

The Pros & Cons

Miops Mobile is a well made, quality product. Both the device and the smartphone app are easy to use and understand. It took me less than a minute to mount, connect and start using it.

Miops Mobile Review
Miops Mobile connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth

I couldn’t come up with any negative aspects regarding the device itself but there are two other points to consider:

  • The app runs on your smartphone and may drain the battery quicker, especially in cold weather (that being said, it does not drain the battery more than any other app)
  • It’s not ideal for seascape photography or other scenarios where you’re ‘in the action’

I have not dared to take out my phone and use the Miops Mobile when photographing rough seascapes because dropping the phone or not having a spare hand to catch the tripod if something unexpected happens is a genuine concern.

That being said, it’s convenient and easy to use for ‘regular’ landscape photography.


The Miops Mobile is a good alternative to a regular remote shutter and it offers several useful functions for the creative photographer.

For landscape photographers that focus on still landscapes and don’t spend much time shooting elements with motion, this is a quality remote that is well-worth the money.