Are you getting Christmas gifts for landscape photographers this year? Then you might already know how difficult it can be to navigate the seas of equipment, accessories or other related products to find the perfect gift.

Those who aren't deep into photography themselves might find it extra difficult to find a gift that's going to put a big smile on the recipient's face. It's hard to see the difference between a good and bad, or useful and useless, product.

Let's try to make this a little more painless for you. Below, we've listed some of the most popular Christmas gifts for landscape photographers; the products that they'll love and actually benefit from.

Recommended Christmas Gifts for Landscape Photographers

Not sure where to begin? Here is a handful of products and tools that I am sure that any landscape photographer would be happy to find under the Christmas tree.

Photography Specific Gloves and Mittens

Any photographer who's used to photographing in cold conditions know how difficult it can be to keep your fingers warm while operating the camera. That's where these photography-specific gloves come into the picture. 

These have been my go-to gloves for the past several years and are what keep me warm during the long winter months in the north.

NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C backpack review

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NYA-EVO Fjord Camera Backpack

A good backpack is essential for any landscape photographer and you want to know that your camera equipment is protected. The NYA-EVO Fjord backpacks are comfortable, practical and durable. I've been using the Fjord 60-C for years and it has kept my equipment safe even in harsh Arctic conditions. 

Save 10% on your order by using the discount code CaptureLandscapes at checkout.

NiSi V7 Pro Starter Filter Kit

Filters play a big role in landscape photography and have the power of taking photographers to the next level. This filter kit is perfect for those who want to get started with the best quality and most flexible filters. The kit includes all the essentials for a square filter system. 

Nik Collection 5

Post-processing is an important part of photography. There are many tools and photo-editors out there but the NIK Collection has been amongst the most popular for the past decade. This incredibly powerful editor includes seven different plugins that are guaranteed to make images stand out more.  

Affordable Christmas Gifts for Landscape Photographers

It's no secret that photography is an expensive hobby. That doesn't mean you need to go and spend thousands of dollars on a good Christmas gift for landscape photographers. Here are some of the essential, and affordable, accessories and tools that landscape photographers will love. 

Microfiber cloths

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths is a cheap accessory that landscape photographers can never get enough of. It's an essential part of keeping the lens clean and free for distracting dust spots. My recommendation is the MagicFiber Microfiber Cloths, these have been my go-to for the past several years. 

Pre-Moisturised Wipes

Pre-moisturised cloths are just as important as 'regular' microfiber cloths. These are used to remove and smudges and dirt on the lens. Landscape photographers often use several of these in one day, so buying in bulk is always a good idea. My recommendation is the Zeiss Lens Wipes. I've used these for many years and the affordable 200-pack lasts a long time.

Lens Care Package

No, we don't only want cleaning material but it's an important part of being an outdoor photographer. The Zeiss Lens Care Package is the best all-in-one lens cleaning package that contains a quality lens cleaner spray and microfiber cloths.

Memory card for landscape photographers

SanDisk 256GB Memory Card

Memory is something that a landscape photographer never gets enough of. We can fill up memory cards in just a few days and it's important to have one that you know won't stop functioning. The SanDisk memory cards are both affordable and trusted by photographers of all levels. The Lexar memory cards are also a safe alternative. 

remote shutter release

Remote Shutter Release 

A remote shutter release is a great tool for photographers using the Long Exposure Photography technique but also to reduce camera shakes. Those with a small LCD screen, such as the Neewer, are preferred. Just make sure you get one that's compatible with the photographer's camera.

Rain cover for camera

Rain Cover for the Camera

The best images are often captured in 'bad' weather. A rain cover is an important tool to protect the expensive camera equipment in wet conditions. ThinkTank is known for high-quality products and this affordable rain cover is no exception.

Lacie External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is something every photographer needs. In fact, they probably need more than one. The Lacie hard drives have become popular due to their rugged build. They are shock, rain and dust resistant, making them perfect for outdoor or travel photographers.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro Monitor Calibrator

Accurate color is crucial for any serious photographer. Seeing that most don't have an expensive photography specific monitor, it's crucial to regularly calibrate the one they have. The Datacolor SpyderX Pro is one of the best tools for this purpose.

filter pouch

Lowepro Filter Pouch

A filter pouch is a good Christmas gift idea for the landscape photographer who has a lot of filters. This pouch can store 10 sheet filters, two circular filters, and a filter holder. A great way to keep things organized.

Cameras for Landscape Photographers

Are you planning to go all-in and giving the ultimate Christmas gift to a landscape photographer? Then you might consider getting your loved one a brand new camera. This is guaranteed to put a big smile on the recipient's face.

There are many types of cameras out there, so it's hard to find the exact match for the person you're giving it to. Here are some of the most popular cameras for both amateur and professional photographers:

Canon EOS T7 Kit

The perfect kit for someone who's just getting started with photography and want their first DSLR. Included is a Canon EOS Rebel T7 Camera with 18-55mm and 75-300mm Lenses, a Canon shoulder bag and a memory card.

Nikon d7500

Nikon D7500

An excellent camera for those with basic knowledge of photography. It produces good quality images and is perfect for the photography enthusiast. 

Nikon D500

Nikon D500

The Nikon D500 is the flagship in Nikon's DX-format line. This is the best Nikon camera available in this price-range and is perfect for passionate photography enthusiasts.

nikon z7 christmas gift for landscape photographers

Nikon Z7 II

If you're looking to get the best camera that would make any Nikon shooter excited, look no further than the Nikon Z7 II. This mirrorless system is trusted by professional photographers within all genres. 

Fuji x-t4

Fujifilm X-T4

The Fujifilm X-T4 is a beautiful camera of high quality. It's a versatile system that give great results for both photographers and videographers. Personally, I love the look of a Fuji file.

Sony Alpha a7 III

The Sony Alpha a7 III is arguably one of the best cameras in its class. High quality image files in a compact and lightweight camera system is like music in the ears for most photographers.

Camera Lenses for Landscape Photographers

A camera is, obviously, an important tool in a photographer's backpack. But so is the camera lenses. The camera technology evolves quickly and it's not uncommon to replace them every few years but lenses are something photographers keep for a longer time, which is why it's important to invest in quality options. 

Here are a few of the most popular lenses for beginning and advanced landscape photographers:

Rokinon 14mm f/2.8

The Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 is one of the absolute sharpest lenses on the market. Combine this with the fact that it's also amongst the more affordable lens, it's no wonder why it's become the favorite wide-angle lens for many photographers.

Sigma 10-20mm

Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5

This is a great ultra-wide-angle lens that's a good fit for most photography enthusiasts. The fast aperture of f/3.5 also make it a nice lens to use at night. 

Sigma 18-35 Christmas gifts for landscape photographers

Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8

A fast and versatile lens that works well in most situations. The Art series is well known for its high quality and sharp performance.

Canon 24-70mm

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 

The ultimate lens for any Canon user. This is a must-have lens for both advanced enthusiasts and professional landscape photographers.

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8

This lens is top of the line and the perfect telezoom lens for both landscape and portrait photographers. It's not lightweight but the quality is hard to beat.

Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3

A fantastic telezoom lens with a long range and affordable price. This is the ultimate lens for those who wish to get up close and personal with distant landscapes.

tripods for Landscape Photographers

The tripod is one of a landscape photographer's best friends. It's an essential tool for photographing sceneries that requires the use of a slower shutter speed. A good tripod needs to be sturdy and able to carry the total weight of the camera and lens. It's also important that it's flexible and, of course, solid enough to withstand the outdoors elements. 

A new tripod is a great Christmas gift for landscape photographers. Here are some of our favorite:

Peak Design Aluminum Travel Tripod

This lightweight and compact tripod from Peak Design is perfect for travel photographers who mostly shoot stationary landscapes. It packs together neatly and takes next to no space, compared to bigger models.

Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

The Carbon Fiber version of Peak Design's travel tripods is lightweight and elegantly designed while still sturdy enough to cary most camera gear. This is the perfect tripod for photographers who travel and prefer a compact tripod that has high quality. 

Manfrotto Befree Advanced Travel Aluminum

Manfrotto's Befree Advanced Travel tripod is an affordable tripod that suits most beginning to intermediate photographers. It's not sturdy enough to be used in rough conditions but is more than good enough for regular use. 

Gitzo GT2542 Mountaineer Tripod

Gitzo is known for their high-quality products and have been trusted by photographers of all levels for many years. The GT2542 is a light tripod that's perfect for long hikes where you need something solid.

Really Right Stuff TVC-45 Carbon Fiber Tripod

The RRS TVC-45 is the perfect tripod for the landscape photographer who demands the absolute best. It's lightweight for its class but heavy duty and capable of handling even the roughest conditions.

Filters for Landscape Photographers

Filters are an essential part of a landscape photographers toolbox. There are different types of filters that serve different purposes, so here are some of the most popular: 

NiSi V6 Pro Starter Filter Kit

This filter kit is perfect for those who already have some experience with filters and want to get started with the best quality and most flexible filters. The kit includes all the essentials for a square filter system. 

NiSi Circular Neutral Density Filters

The circular filters from NiSi are top of the line and perfect for those who don't use a square filter system, or want something lighter and smaller. They are also a lot more affordable. Make sure to get the size that matches with the photographer's most used lens.

Gobe 6-Stop Neutral Density Filter

The Gobe circular ND Filters are good quality and friendly for the wallet. These are great for those who just are getting started with using filters in their photography. An extra bonus is that you help plant 5 trees for each filter you purchase! 

Camera Bags for Landscape Photographers

The camera backpack is something that should serve the photographer for years to come. It should be big enough to carry all the equipment but also be built well enough to make it comfortable to haul around for long days. 

Here are some of our favorite camera bags that will be great Christmas gifts for landscape photographers: 

NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C backpack review

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NYA-EVO Fjord Series

A good backpack is essential for any landscape photographer. The NYA-EVO Fjord Series is comfortable, practical and durable - I'm currently using the Fjord 60-C and it has done well in Arctic conditions for over one year. Save 10% on your order by using the discount code CaptureLandscapes at checkout.

Backpack Christmas gifts for landscape photographers

F-Stop Sukha

The F-Stop Sukha is a big 70-litre backpack that's built for outdoor adventures. This is a perfect backpack for photographers who also enjoy hiking and camping, as it's got plenty of space for all necessities. 

MindShift Gear Backlight Daypack

This 18-litre daypack is perfect for photographers who don't need to carry much more than camera equipment and some accessories. It's compact size and multiple pockets also make it good for travel.

christmas gift for landscape photographers lowepro backpack

Lowepro Whistler 450 AW II

A durable and popular camera backpack for landscape photographers that's built for rough outdoors use. It's also got several exterior straps for skies or other outdoor equipment. 

lowepro protactic

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II

A strong and compact camera backpack that can be used by both landscape and cityscape photographers. The Lowpro ProTactic is one of the most popular affordable backpacks.

Post-Processing Software & Plugins

A photographer doesn't only work outside in the field. A big part of the workflow takes form in front of the computer. To make the post-processing workflow easier, better and faster, there are certain softwares and tools that can help. Here are some of the best: 

Raya Pro Photoshop Plugin

Raya Pro is the #1 Luminosity Mask & Exposure Blending Extension for Adobe Photoshop. I've been using the plugin for several years and it's an essential part of my post-processing workflow. The panel is easy to use both for beginning and advanced Photoshop users.

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Luminar 4 Photo Editor

There's no secret that post-processing is important in landscape photography. A lot of the photo-editors are, however, quite advanced to use and requires monthly payments. Luminar 4 is an easy-to-use photo editor and, making it perfect for those who want to give a gift, it's a one-time payment.

The software has all the basic adjustments but also a handful of more advanced tools using Artificial Intelligence.

Nik Collection

The NIK Collection has been amongst the most popular Photoshop plugins for the past decade. This incredibly powerful editor includes seven different plugins that are guaranteed to make images stand out more.  

topaz ai gigapixel landscape photography resources

Topaz Gigapixel

Not losing details had always been a challenge when enlarging photos for prints until Topaz Gigapixel AI entered the market. This tool makes it easy to enlarge images using Artificial Intelligence. With this software you can upscale your images by 600% while perfectly preserving image quality.

Landscape Photography eBooks & Courses

Becoming a better landscape photographer requires a lot of work both in the field and at home. Most the Christmas gift ideas above are equipment or accessories that the photographer can benefit from in the field but what about getting them a digital gift that teaches them how to become masters in their field?

Here are some of our most popular eBooks and courses that are loved by thousands of landscape photographers:

A Comprehensive Introduction to Landscape Photography

A Comprehensive Introduction to Landscape Photography is our go-to eBook for an in-depth introduction to Landscape Photography. This is a good place to begin for those who's just bought their first camera or have been using one for a couple years but need a refresher. The information shared throughout the eBook teach everything needed to know in order to start capturing beautiful images.

The Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography

Besides teaching the fundamentals and introducing the essential equipment to perform the technique, The Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography goes one step further and teaches how to implement the techniques learn into the photographer's workflow. 

Beyond the Grand Landscape

Beyond the Grand Landscape is an eBook that will teaches to move beyond the grand landscapes commonly photographed during the golden hour and towards including the smaller scenes and intimate details that are everywhere and available to photograph in all types of light throughout the day.

Star Photography Masterclass

Star Photography Masterclass is not just an eBook about astrophotography techniques and equipment; it’s an essential guide to astrophotography that will teaches how to capture stunning images of the night sky and get the best results in post-processing.

Ultimate Lightroom RAW Video Course

The Ultimate Lightroom RAW

The Ultimate Lightroom RAW is the most thorough and comprehensive Lightroom RAW Processing video course on the market for landscape and nature photographers. With more than 7.5 hours of materials, this video course covers everything from the basics to more advanced workflows. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate photographers.

Black & White Nature Photography Course

Black & White Photography: A Complete Guide for Nature Photographers

Black & White Photography: A Complete Guide for Nature Photographers is a comprehensive B&W course that includes several resources to become a better Black White photographer. Included is one eBook, one Photoshop Processing Video, one Lightroom Processing video and a Nik Silver Efex Pro Processing Video.

Hopefully, this gave you some good ideas on what to get a landscape photographer (or yourself!) for Christmas. If you have any suggestions for what to get a photographer, let us know in a comment below!