YouTube has quickly grown to become the most popular platform for uploading and sharing videos, and it’s for many the go-to place for both educational and entertaining content. With more than 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute, it goes without saying that you can find more or less anything you’re looking for.

That goes for landscape photography related content as well. You can find tutorials, discussions, keynotes, vloggers, reviews and much, much more.

I’m sure there are hundreds or thousands of talented YouTubers that deserve to be mentioned in this article (and I hope you’ll link to them in a comment) but here are a few who’s content I recommend taking a look at:

Thomas Heaton

This guy needs no introduction… If you’ve searched for anything related to landscape photography on YouTube it’s quite likely that you’ve stumbled across at least one of Thomas’ videos.

Thomas is by many considered the ‘main landscape photographer on YouTube’ and it’s not without a reason. In addition to being a brilliant photographer, he’s also a talented content creator, providing you with hours of inspirational, educational and entertaining videos.

His videos are a nice mix of locational vlogs and simple conversations touching various photography related subjects.

Visit Thomas’ YouTube Page

Sean Bagshaw

For those who are interested in post-processing, more specifically Adobe Photoshop workflows, tips and tricks, Sean Bagshaw is a photographer to follow on YouTube.

I was first introduced to his videos several years ago when purchasing one of his video tutorials but it’s safe to say that his free YouTube content is just as good. With a previous career as a science teacher, he’s also a talented educator that explains things in a clear and simple matter – making it easy to follow even advanced subjects.

Visit Sean’s YouTube Page

Nick Page

Many of you are already familiar with Nick Page’s photography and read his ‘Photographer of the Month’ interview but he’s not only a great photographer; he’s also a great educator and content creator over on YouTube.

In addition to posting in-field and post-processing tutorials, he regularly shares interviews and conversations from his Landscape Photography Podcast.

Visit Nick’s YouTube Page

Ben Horne

With more than 9 years of YouTube content, Ben Horne is YouTube’s first and longest active landscape photography vlogger. He is a large format landscape photographer and his videos take you along on his journies in the western United States.

Besides joining him in the field, you can learn a lot about the processes involved in large format photography as well as Ben’s philosophy when it comes to photography.

Visit Ben’s YouTube Page

Simon Baxter

British landscape photographer Simon Baxter is another artist you need to follow on YouTube. His photography is astonishing and you’re guaranteed to pick up a trick or two as you join him into the UK woodlands.

Simon also shares videos where he sits down and talks about various subjects such as printing and making it as a full-time landscape photographer.

Visit Ben’s YouTube Page

Adam Gibbs

Another landscape photographer I’ve been enjoying on YouTube lately is Canadian Adam Gibbs. Adam is a master when it comes to compositions and has an excellent portfolio that any photographer would be happy to have.

I particularly enjoyed his series focusing on light in landscape photography where he talks some theory while showing great examples on the way. He’s also known for some incredible drone footage in narrow spaces…

Visit Adam’s YouTube Page

Andy Mumford

I’ve only recently discovered Andy’s videos on YouTube but I’ve found it to be a great resource for both beginning and experienced photographers alike. He creates easy-to-follow tutorials on various subjects including long exposure photography, complete processing workflows and compositions.

Visit Andy’s YouTube Page

Mads Peter Iversen

The final landscape photographer I’ll recommend in this article is Mads Peter Iversen, a Danish photographer and YouTuber who shares great location guides amongst more. He’s got several good videos on locations such as Iceland and Norway, as well as tutorials on composition and other aspects of landscape photography.

Visit Mads’ YouTube Page

This article barely scratched the surface of amazing content creators. I’d love to hear which landscape photographers on YouTube that inspires YOU. Let us know in a comment so we can keep adding to the list!