Landscape Photography is a genre with so many talented artists that the list could easily have been ten times as long so it’s safe to say that no list can fully do justice to the number of talented photographers out there. However, these top 25 landscape photographers are those who, in no specific order, have stood out in 2018:

#1 Adam Gibbs

British landscape photographer Adam Gibbs was a name that was brought up in a conversation with a colleague earlier in 2018 and once work I instantly fell in love with. Adam has an excellent eye for light and compositions and captures images that are, in lack of better words, relaxing to watch.

He also has an excellent YouTube channel where he teaches landscape photography and talks about his philosophy and the techniques he uses both in field and processing.


#2 Alex Nail

In an era where heavily manipulated images get far more attention than the more natural frames, it’s refreshing to frequently browse the website of Alex Nail. Alex has a passion for exploring mountains and wilderness areas, and I truly admire the effort he puts into capturing these unique images from places where few have been.

Alex also published his new book “Northwest” in 2018, a book which has received excellent feedback and one I’m looking forward to viewing in 2019.


#3 Bruno Pisani

Bruno is a photographer whose name is often brought up when talking about inspiring landscape photographers. Based in the near proximity of the Italian Alps and Dolomites, Bruno has built an exceptional portfolio featuring these picturesque areas (as well as several other locations in Europe).

His images are dreamy and atmospheric, and perhaps most impressively he’s created a recognizable style which others no try to replicate.


#4 Candace Dyar

The Pacific Northwest in the United States is paradise for photographers, which is reflected in the amount of professional and amateurs based there. Candace Dyar is one of the absolute best photographers from this region and she elegantly showcases its wide range of scenic landscapes.

Her images often include dramatic light conditions that succeed in conveying the emotional connection with the scenery I imagine she feels in the field.


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#5 Dani Lefrancois

Located in the Rocky Mountains, it’s safe to say that Canadian photographer Dani Lefrancois is based in an area surrounded by photographic opportunities.

It’s hard to only mention a few key points about what I enjoy with her photography but one aspect that I feel she really excels in is color management. I’m amazed by how clean and natural her images look thanks to her control of tonal contrast.


#6 Emily Dickey

Utah is a state I would love to photograph. Emily Dickey is one of a handful photographers who are to blame for this. Being based there she’s gotten to know the ins and outs of these amazing canyonlands, which her portfolio is proof of.

I love her eye for patterns and details; her portfolio consists of an exquisite collection of images that showcase both the grand landscapes and smaller details of this picturesque region.


#7 Erin Babnik

Being one of the hottest names in landscape photography for the past few years, I doubt that Erin Babnik needs much of an introduction. Her expertise in landscape photography is not only shown through her exceptionally beautiful images but also through her in-depth articles and talks on even the most advanced topics.

Erin has partnered with industry-leading companies such as Canon and F-Stop, and is also known for traveling the world giving landscape photography talks and guiding photography workshops.


#8 Greg Boratyn

Greg Boratyn has quickly stepped up to become one of my absolute favorite photographers to follow. I initially came across his work on Instagram a while ago and I’ve been thrilled to see the amount of high-quality work he’s sharing.

I find his images to be atmospheric, dramatic yet clean and it’s not uncommon that I’ll start daydreaming after browsing through some of his recent work.


#9 Ian Gaston

Based in San Francisco, Ian Gaston’s main focus is on photographing California. He’s done a great job in discovering and photographing (to me) unknown locations and I’ve enjoyed following his work for the past year.


#10 Isabella Tabacchi

If you’re in the mood for dramatic, or epic, photography, you need to follow Isabella Tabacchi. Here style is dark and surrealistic and features some of the most stunning European landscapes.


#11 Jennifer Renwick

Colorado-based landscape photographer Jennifer Renwick is a name that should be on your radar. While she’s an all-over amazing landscape photographer, I’ve particularly fallen in love with her abstract galleries. Few other photographers capture these intimate landscapes as well as Jennifer.


#12 Joshua Cripps

I follow Joshua for various reasons: he’s an outstanding photographer with a diverse portfolio showcasing all corners of the world, he’s a talented teacher who creates informative content, and he’s the master of hilarious Instagram Stories.


#13 Kilian Schoenberger

One would think that being color blind is a big disadvantage for a landscape photographer but Kilian has turned it into a strength and used it to develop his own unique photographic style. He’s a master of woodland photography and seeking out foggy sceneries.


#14 Kristel Schneider

I have only recently learned about the work of Dutch photographer Kristel Schneider. Her photography is a nice contrast to the various ‘social media trends’ and I’ve been a frequent visitor to her website where I’ve been enjoying her ‘no-name landscapes’ that features natures smaller scenes.


#15 Marc Adamus

I’m pretty sure that Marc Adamus doesn’t need an introduction as he’s by many considered to be a pioneer of modern landscape photography. While he’s not one who actively shares images online, it’s always a thrill when he announces a new gallery. His recent gallery ‘100 Days in the Far North’ was the big talk of December.


#16 Michael Frye

American landscape photographer Michael Frye was one of the first photographers I followed and he still remains a favorite today. He’s an author of 5 books and has been based in the close proximity of Yosemite National Park since the 1980s. The portfolio he’s built since is nothing less than breathtaking.


#17 Miles Morgan

When it comes to epic landscape photography, Miles Morgan is one of my absolute favorite artists. His images are dark, dramatic, colorful but clean, and he makes it look easy to photograph these landscapes in some of the toughest conditions (which we all know is far from easy).


#18 Nicola Pirondini

Italian photographer Nicola Pirondini is one of my go-to sources of inspiration when it comes to photography from the Dolomites. Nicola has an incredible portfolio featuring this region and has captured some of the most beautiful conditions in both known and unknown locations.


#19 Perri Schelat

Perri is a talented landscape photographer who’s a master in utilizing ultra wide-angle lenses and coming up with fresh compositions. Her style of processing is clean and elegant, which I find to be a nice combination with her wide-angle compositions.


#20 Sandra Bartocha

German photographer Sandra Bartocha is yet another name that I only recently discovered. I instantly fell in love with her elegant and at times minimalistic images and I’m looking forward to enjoying more of her work in the time to come. I particularly enjoy the fact that her style is quite different than what you’ll typically see today.


#21 Sarah Lyndsay

Sarah Lyndsay is a Canadian photographer based in the picturesque British Columbia whose built quite an impressive portfolio featuring this scenic region. I love her warm & saturated images and frequent use of long exposure photography techniques.


#22 Simon Baxter

In my eyes, Simon Baxter is one of the absolute best woodlands photographers out there today. These scenes are extremely difficult to photograph but Simon somehow manages to find an order in the chaos and capture stunning images.


#23 Stian Klo

I’ve really enjoyed following Norwegian landscape photographer Stian Klo during the past year as he’s found his own unique style. His images are clean, artistic and quite often minimalistic; the perfect images to hang on a wall.

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#24 TJ Thorne

TJ Thorne has been one of my favorite photographers and a go-to source for inspiration the past years, and 2018 has been no different. This year he has focused more on ‘no-name’ landscapes and abstract scenes. I’ve especially enjoyed his galleries featuring wood textures and intimate forests.


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#25 William Patino

Landscape photographer William Patino is originally from Australia but recently moved to New Zealand where he’s been building an extraordinary portfolio showcasing this remote and rugged region. You’ll rarely see him photographing well-known composition and I love the effort he puts into discovering new, untouched locations.


These are the top 25 landscape photographers who have inspired me in 2018. As mentioned, the list could have been much longer but I would love to hear which photographers have inspired you this year. Let’s keep the list growing in the comments! 

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Lead image by Stian Klo