Luca Benini is an Italian Landscape Photographer with a passion to travel the world in search for images that creates emotions. Enjoy this interview and his stunning portfolio. Be sure to visit him on social media through the links below.

Tell us a little about yourself and what photography is for you.

My name is Luca Benini and I’m an Italian interpreter. Besides working as a pharmacist I am also following my biggest passion: landscape photography. In the last years I’ve spent a lot of time travelling around the world to explore new places and discover new things.

Inspirational photographer Luca BeniniFor me landscape photography is not just a simple geographic representation, it’s not about reality but emotions.

Unfortunately, there is a common misassumption that everything can be done in Photoshop. This couldn’t be more wrong! Photoshop can help you communicate your vision but the most important part of photography is the composition. In landscape photography it’s through the composition you’re able to tell a story in only one single frame.

Luca Benini Anyway, photography for me is the freedom to show my personal vision of the world, sometimes a bit “dark” and sometimes “joyous”. My equipment and my post production is only a “tool” to reach my goal: create emotions.

How would you describe your photographic style?

I can’t describe my photographic style. Sometimes I make compositions of more photos and other times I don’t change anything. The only thing i look for is the mood and the emotion I wish to convey, not only the journalistic reality.

Luca Benini

What do you look for when capturing an image?

Unfortunately, until now I’ve been photographing everything so my biggest challenge is to find new compositions and new stimuli in a different way to see the things that we know already.Luca Benini

Luca BeniniYou seem to be traveling a lot of places to photograph. What is the biggest difference between photographing on a travel compared to more local?

There is no difference in terms of photography, the difference is only in the journey, living the experience and the joy of discover new place and new culture.

You have quite the portfolio within Portraiture and Abstract Photography, is there any big differences between these styles of photography?

I began with photographing abstract and architecture and I loved taking photos of lines and colors.

Until recently I never shot portraits as I find it so difficult get the right feeling with a person rather than with a landscape. However, I was fascinated and I followed some lessons and tutorials to gain experience within this area.

Luca BeniniRelated to the previous question, is there any skills you’ve learned from Portraiture and Abstract that you find beneficial for Landscape Photography?

Yes, abstract photography helped me to improve my composition and my “photographer eye”. Lines and forms are really important for me.

What are your top 3 tips for a person just beginning photography?

  1.  Start “copying” the style of your idols and use this to find your own way.
  2.  Always study new techniques and never remain static. The trends and ideas change quickly and you have to keep updated with the evolution.
  3. Always stay true to yourself, there’s always going to be someone who will tell you how you have to take pictures or how you have to post produce your photos.

Luca Benini Luca Benini You can find more of Luca’s work on his website, Facebook and Instagram.