Keeping my hands warm has been one of the bigger challenges during the last several winters but earlier this year I finally found a solution – and my new favorite gloves for landscape photography.

Being born and raised in the east of Norway, I’m used to be coping with temperatures down to -25c and colder (in fact, I prefer this rather than a tropical beach!) so I’ve always been conscious about how I dress when going out photographing during winter. Even when chasing the Aurora Borealis in freezing conditions, I manage to keep my feet and body relatively warm. The hands, however, have always been somewhat more challenging.

Having a good grip on your camera and being able to easily adjust the settings has been challenging and I’ve often resorted to taking my gloves off whenever I needed to make an adjustment. Needless to say, that’s far from ideal!

I’ve tested a few different gloves and mittens where you can remove the fingers and while they definitely are a better option than taking the gloves off, they still didn’t convince me. It wasn’t until I received a pair of gloves and mittens from Vallerret Photography Gloves earlier this year that I finally found something I feel comfortable using when the temperatures drop.

My Favorite Gloves for Landscape Photography: Vallerret

Vallerret is a relatively young company based out of Norway so I was rather excited to put their gloves to work. They caught my attention right away as they have a nice but professional design that is optimized for photographers.

Note: I’ve tested their Markhof Pro & Trigger Mitt models and will be using the new Ipsoot model this season.

vallerret photography gloves review

Key Features & Design

The main benefit of these gloves is that they have flip finger caps in the forefinger and thumb making it easy for you to operate the camera at any time, hence the name photography gloves.

I have tried several other gloves with cut out notches but most of them have had small gaps around the fingers, the result being that my hands got cold whenever sticking a finger out. This has not been the case with Vallerret; I find their gloves fit perfectly and keep my hands toasty.

Gloves for Photography
Vallerret’s Markhof Pro Gloves

The second neat feature is the tiny pocket on top of each hand. This is a perfect place to store a memory card, microfiber cloth or other small accessories.

Another thing I liked about these photography gloves is the grip. Too often, gloves don’t have a good grip (which makes you constantly paranoid about dropping your camera.) Vallerret’s gloves have a non-slip grip that gives you a good hold on the camera.

Lastly, I want to point out that there are magnets in the finger caps that hold the tips in place. You won’t have to worry about a part of the glove being loose and in your way.

The Temperature

When choosing a glove for winter photography, it’s important that it keeps you warm. I’ve been testing both the Markhof Pro Model and the Trigger Mitt. The Markhof is ideal for most of the year but it’s not isolated enough for the coldest winter temperatures; I’ve instead used the Trigger Mitt for those nights. However, for those -25°C Aurora their new Ipsoot model is the best choice.

I have just received a pair of the Ipsoot model and while I haven’t got to test them in extreme cold yet, it’s the warmest gloves they have and I’m convinced they’ll keep me warm all winter long.

Last Words

If you’re looking for a new pair of gloves to keep you warm this winter, I can highly recommend the Vallerret Photography Gloves. They’ve been my go-to landscape photography gloves for all my colder tours this year and have kept me warm in places such as Greenland, Iceland and Arctic Norway.

You can find more information about these gloves on Vallerret’s online store.


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