One of the biggest benefits of our beloved internet is the abundance of useful information available. For us landscape photographers that means we can find tons of excellent articles, tutorials, videos and inspirational content by simply hitting a couple of buttons.

A goal of mine here at CaptureLandscapes is to introduce you to the very best content available, beyond what I and our contributors provide. That is why I’m excited to test our new landscape photography roundup! A series where I provide you with links to the best landscape photography related content shared across the internet during the last week.

Best Articles & Tutorials

Creative Applications of Color Theory in Landscape Photography – Erin Babnik has taken on a heavy and rather complicated subject when writing about color theory but she’s managed to simplify it and write it in an easy-to-understand way. This is an in-depth article touching a really important subject for landscape photographers and I can’t recommend it enough!

How to Make and Use True 16-Bit Saturation Masks – Tony Kuyper teaches you how to create true 16-bit saturation masks and how to use them for your images. He’s also included a video so it’s easy for you to follow along.

Why Magic Hour is Overrated – “Photograph during the Golden Hour” is something you’ll hear many photographers repeat over and over. While there is a point to it, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only photographing during it. Joshua Cripps talks about why he considers the Golden Hour to be overrated and shows a series of pictures to prove his point.

Struggling Photographers: Don’t Give Up – Regardless of your goals with photography, you’re likely to have periods where you struggle; especially if you’re trying to make it as a professional. This article gives some useful tips on how you can overcome such periods and keep working towards your goal.

Best Landscape Photography YouTube Videos

Start Printing Your Photos Today – Printing is an important part of photography and is something that every landscape photographer should try at some point. Either you print yourself or do it via a lab, this video gives some actionable tips on how you can optimize your prints.

How to Focus Stack – Focus stacking is a great technique you can take advantage of in order to get better front-to-back sharpness. But how is it done? What are the best practices both in-field and in post-processing? This video explains exactly that in an easy-to-understand way.

Using Light & Shade – Landscape Photography in Scotland – Follow Simon Baxter in the field as he talks about how he’s capturing various images and the importance of using light and shade in your landscape photography.

Best Photographs of the Week

Rising Windmills by Albert Dros – A unique and majestic image of the iconic windmills from the Netherlands. This aerial has it all; light, atmosphere, composition and has been tastefully processed.

Meet the Locals by Daniel Kordan – Daniel Kordan is no stranger in the landscape photography community and this image reminds us why he’s amongst the most respected photographers. The image shows a group of penguins in Antarctica with a picture-perfect background.

Secret Garden by Marco Grassi – During the last years, I’ve grown to love images like this. A calm and minimalistic scene that tells a deeper story than what we see at the first glance. A well composed and artistic shot.

Dream for Jennifer by Sean Bagshaw – Lupines, fog and a fogbow… what more can we ask for in one shot? This is an atmospheric shot that makes me want to grab my camera and head out right now; it almost feels like I’m standing in the field of lupines myself.

Soft by Michael Bollino – This soft and soothing image captured of the Mesquite Dunes is one of those images I can sit and stare at for a long time. Definitely one of this week’s best images.

Have you read any landscape photography related articles or seen any images or videos that you’ve found particularly inspiring this week? Leave a link in the comments below so we can enjoy them as well!