Instagram is the go-to resource for photographic inspiration to many of us. It’s a platform where it’s easy to follow and view images and the majority of photographers have some sort of a presence there.

If you’re tired of having your Instagram feed filled with selfies and food shots, here are 40 landscape photographers to follow:

Kilian Schönberger – German landscape photographer with a talent to find and photograph foggy scenes.


Johannes Nollmeyer – A photographer who’s managed to find his unique & recognizable style. Also a prominent commercial & portrait photographer.

Michael Shainblum – An American photographer who’s become well-known for his dramatic and atmospheric images.

Dustin LeFevre – A master in photographing the unique patterns of remote US badlands.

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Tobias Hägg – This Swedish photographer has become well-known for his jaw-dropping aerials and moody images.

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Dag Ole Nordhaug – A Norwegian photographer whose images always impress. In many ways considered an expert in photographing forest scenes.

Daniel Kordan – With his unique and recognizable style he’s by many considered one of the most famous landscape photographers of today’s day and age.

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Viktoria Haack – This Canadian outdoors photographer captures the beauty of lesser known places (and a few cute dogs along the way!)

Eskil Digernes – As a mountaineer and travel photographer he photographs places that few of us will ever reach.

Stian Klo – Norwegian landscape photographer who beautifully captures the Arctic landscapes. (Read our interview with Stian)

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Felix Inden – German photographer who’s fallen in love with Arctic conditions. Always a treat to watch his images and follow the stories. (Read our interview with Felix)

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Patrick Di Fruscia – Landscape and travel photographer from Canada who’s colorful images have become quite popular worldwide.

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Albert Dros – Dutch photographer particularly known for his vivid images of the Dutch tulips.

Clint Burkinshaw – An Australian travel photographer who’s been photographing more countries than most will ever visit. (Read our interview with Clint)

Patrick Galibert – Better known as “Africatracks” Patrick is a French photographer who’s specialized in photographing African cultures and landscapes.

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Hans Gunnar Aslaksen – A photographer I’ve enjoyed following the past year and one who’s really taken his art to the next level.

Enrico Fossati – A master of mood and atmosphere who always delivers top-notch images. (Read our interview with Enrico)

Bruno Pisani – Talented Italian photographer who’s become an expert in the Italian Alps and the Dolomites.

Fran Llano – Spanish photographer and geologist who’s built an impressive portfolio from places such as Iceland.

Dené Miles This Washington state-based photographer beautifully captures both her local area and more remote places such as Alaska.

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Daniel Taipale – A Finish adventure photographer who’s always up to something exciting.

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Dynal Toh & Marianne Lim – The compositions and colors of this Australian photography couple speak for themselves.

Mikko Lagerstedt – A photographer who’s found his own unique style and keeps making your jaw drop.

Erin Babnik – She’s an expert when it comes to composition and color, and her images never let you down.

Rachel Jones Ross – A photographer who’s built a strong portfolio of astrophotography but a master of many traits.

Benjamin Everett – Started as a landscape painter before he discovered digital photography and became hooked. Now creates dreamy an unique images.

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David Thompson – Las Vegas-based landscape photographer whose work will inspire you to work harder. (Read our interview with David)

Sarah Lyndsay – Always a pleasure to see her work and in particular her long exposure photography.

Sarah Marino – She’s become a respected outdoors photographer and particularly well-known for her abstract images of nature’s smaller scenes.

Patricia Davidson – Landscape photographer and nomad from Oregon who’s currently traveling the US in an RV.

Elia Locardi – A full-time world traveler and photographer who shares beautiful images from around the globe.

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Candace Dyar – This nature photographer based in Seattle shares the beauty of the Pacific Northwest area.

TJ Thorne – A photographer who always delivers unique and refreshing content.

Sarah Hatton – Australian photographer who tends to photograph landscapes with snow!

Dennis Polklaeser – If you enjoy moody scenes, mountains and rugged landscapes; this is a photographer to follow.

Artur Stanisz – This Canadian outdoors photographer always delivers unique and exciting photography.

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Ryan Dyar – He’s made quite a name for himself in the landscape photography community and is a pioneer when it comes to post-processing, and he tends to have quite entertaining stories to go along with the images.

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Matt Donovan – The image’s Matt shares tend to make me feel warm even on the coldest days!

Lisa Michele Burns – It’s always a pleasure to see her dreamy and often minimalistic images appear in my Instagram Feed.

Trent Blomfield – A true master in capturing the most impressive landscapes our planet has to offer.

Who are your favorite landscape photographers on Instagram? Perhaps you upload landscape pictures there yourself? Share the links with us in a comment below!