In this 45 minute section of the Video Tutorial: “ULTIMATE LIGHTROOM RAW” by acclaimed landscape photographer Mark Metternich, you will learn the absolute best way to capture sharpen (also known as “raw sharpening” or “input sharpening”) in Lightroom (or Camera Raw) to maximize the quality detail inherent in your original Raw files.

Mark also goes over critical, very common misinformation about capture sharpening so that you are not unknowingly harming your images by damaging artifacting, or inversely, throwing potential quality detail away. There is a very specific and proper way to capture sharpen, and this video will teach all the ins and outs of how exactly to do it, and why.

This segment of “ULTIMATE LIGHTROOM RAW” will help show the viewer why this full 6+ hour Video Tutorial is the definitive video tutorial (full course) on Lightroom CC, in the world today, for nature and landscape photographers.

Very few professionals today can match Marks combination of expertise in Lightroom, a thorough articulate teaching style, as well as an internationally acclaimed landscape portfolio. If you want to truly get every single drop out of Raw processing (from beginning to advanced) and quality of imagery is more important to you than quantity, then this video is made for you!

You can find the entire 6+ hour course here.

Mark Metternich is a full time professional landscape photographer who spends most of his time living mobile on the road. Mark's ​great ​passion for fine art landscape comes through in his work and has attracted a wide audience around the world​, has been widely published​ and has won various awards. Mark spends ​about 300 days a year leading a unique brand of adventure photo workshop/tours across the western US and abroad. Mark also produces post processing training videos, teaches post processing (via Skype online screen sharing) is a regular contributor to a number of photography publications as well as does post processing / print work for a wide variety of fine art clients. Mark has become a legendary digital imaging specialist and master gallery print maker who loves teaching as much as he enjoys producing fine art. Marks fine art​, limited edition​ landscape ​gallery ​prints are found sold to a wide array of people, businesses and organizations around the world. ​