Are you searching for inspiring landscape photographers to follow in 2018? Look no further.

Some are young, some are old, some are new, some are established, but they are all great sources of inspiration. These are 13 names that should be on your radar in the coming year.

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1. Bruno Pisani

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018
By Bruno Pisani

It’s been a pleasure following this young Italian landscape photographer through the last year and to have witnessed his incredible progression as a photographer and artist. Bruno is a must-follow photographer in 2018 whose work continues to evolve and inspire.

2. Taylor Gray

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018
By Taylor Gray

The 18-year old California based nature photographer is a name worth noting for the coming year. Traveling and exploring both US States and Europe, Taylor has captured an impressive portfolio. His time-lapse and video work is also world-class.

3. Steven Henriksen

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018
By Steven Henriksen

Located in the picturesque Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway, Steven has an impressive portfolio of Arctic images. His collection of Aurora Borealis images will make you want to visit the Arctic and experience them by yourself.

4. RJ Pollard

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018 RJ Pollard
By RJ Pollard

This 19-year old Australian based photographer is quickly making a name for himself in the landscape photography world. With a keen eye for composition and his tasteful post-processing, RJ seems to constantly be delivering high-quality work.

5. Jared Warren

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018
By Jared Warren Photography

If you enjoy night photography, Jared Warren is a photographer worth following. With his unique and creative style, he’s behind some of today’s most impressive night images. While it’s the night photography he might be most known for, the rest of his portfolio is equally impressive.

6. Sarah Lyndsay

Burn by Sarah Lyndsay on

A Canadian photographer who specializes in more than just landscape photography. A long exposure photography expert seeking dramatic and epic light, Sarah has developed her own recognizable style.

7. Hans Gunnar Aslaksen

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018 RJ Pollard
By Hans Gunnar Aslaksen

Hans Gunnar is a photographer who’s progression really stood out in 2017. His photography is top of the line and it’s been an inspiration to follow his journey into developing his own unique style.

8. Marco Grassi

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018
By Marco Grassi

The chances are high that you’ve seen some of Marco’s images on Instagram or another social media during the last year. With an incredible portfolio of places such as Patagonia and the Dolomites, his work is starting to receive the recognition it deserves.

9. Scott Smorra

Alien World by Scott Smorra on

An Oregon based photographer who, according to his website, creates finely crafted landscape and nature imagery in the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Despite not receiving the recognition he deserves, Scott is one of the top Pacific Northwest photographers.

10. Susan Holt

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018
By Susan Holt

Susan is an American nature photographer who’s developed her own unique style and continues to deliver top-notch images. Her work is colorful and dramatic yet subtle and calm, and she’s got an eye for composition that will inspire you to work harder.

11. Stephanie Sinclair

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018 Stephanie Sinclair
By Stephanie Sinclair

Stephanie, also known as Seattleempress, is a Seattle based nature photographer with a predilection for Alaska. Her work keeps getting better and it’s been a pleasure to follow her journey.

12. Haakon Nygård

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018
By Haakon Nygaard

Haakon is a Norwegian landscape photographer whose work often is focused around the Norwegian fjords. He’s been a new discovery for me last year and I’m looking forward to be following his work through 2018.

13. Serena Ho

Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2018
By Serena Ho

An Australian travel photographer who seems to often be drawn towards Arctic and remote destination. Her photography is subtle and calm and her compositional expertise is easy to spot.

Which photographers are you looking forward to follow in 2018? Let us know by leaving a comment! 

Lead image by RJ Pollard