Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great holiday and perhaps you even managed to capture a few images as well.

This is not going to be a regular tutorial but I want to quickly tell you about a new and exciting segment that will be happening on CaptureLandscapes in 2018: Quick Tip Thursday.

Each Thursday, we’ll publish one short article featuring one tip. This tip can be about post-processing, a specific post-processing technique, in-camera techniques, compositional advice or anything else related to landscape photography.

The article will only focus on that one tip and when it’s relevant it will be linked to a more in-depth article on the subject.

Here are some examples of tips we’ll look at this year:

  • How to create a Dodge & Burn layer
  • How to transfer images to your smartphone
  • How to use leading lines
  • How to change color space in Photoshop

As you can see, the tips will be touching on various subjects that are relevant for landscape photographers.

Featuring Your Questions

Even though a bunch of topics and tips are already planned, this is a chance to get your questions answered as well. Do you have a particular question? Is there something you’re struggling with? Reply to a CaptureLandscapes newsletter and let me know.

We’ll try to answer as many of your questions as possible throughout the year.

Lastly, a shortened version of the tip will also be shared on the CaptureLandscapes Facebook page, where we’ll also invite to a discussion of it.

Hopefully, this will be a segment that you enjoy. I believe it’s a format that makes it easy for you to pick up specific tips & tricks but I would love to hear your feedback as we go. So, as always, feel free to reach out and let me know your thoughts!