Post production is for many one of the most exhausting parts of photography as you need to spend time learning a new software but you want to be outside photographing instead. Luckily, there are certain tools that offer the best of both worlds. With Adobe Lightroom Presets you’re able to get stunning results with only one click.

Use Presets to Improve Your Images

Landscape Photographers want to spend as much time as possible outside photographing as we are outdoor photographers! Processing images may be looked upon as a burden rather than something you enjoy, but the reality is that our images need to be processed in one way or another. Straight out of the camera images are often flat and lacking contrast and details. We don’t need to make big changes in post production but even minor edits can take more time than you’re willing to spend on a computer.

I know this is how many people feel, perhaps you too?

Presets in Adobe Lightroom have become more and more popular (even among full time professional photographers). If you’re familiar with Adobe Lightroom, you know there’s a bunch of sliders that all have different impacts on your image. Basically, presets are pre-made changes to these sliders and by only a simple click your image will be edited.

I especially find them useful when I’m on the road and don’t have a lot of time to do specific adjustments.

Now, does every preset work for each image? No. I wont lie to you. All images are different but so are the presets. When you purchase presets it’s important to be sure you’re purchasing a bundle, or pack, rather than one single preset. Most likely, you will find some presets you like and that will work with the majority of your images.

Professional Photographer Sarah Sisson has developed an editing system dedicated to the task of landscape photography. These 101 Landscape Lightroom Presets give you countless image-enhancing options to make your pictures say exactly what you want them to. Ideal for professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike, they deliver professional results on every front.

landscape_preset_728x90pxI’ve tested these presets myself and I’m impressed by how well they work. I’ve tested many various preset packs before but in most cases only one or two of them do a decent job. However, the fact that Sarah is a professional landscape photographer really shows in these presets and I found that most of them worked great on my images.

Before/After Images

Here’s how some of my images looks before/after using the presets.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

If you wish to improve the appearance of your images by just one simple click this is something for you. After trying these products myself I was convinced that this is something the Capturelandscapes readers will benefit from so I decided to become an affiliate for this product. You can find more information and purchase the presets here.