For many years I didn’t know how to take great landscape photos under clear skies; if there weren’t clouds in the sky, I would most of the time totally fail at capturing a photo that would make it into my portfolio.

My focus was always on those colorful, dramatic skies that you get when the sun lights up a bunch of clouds around sunrise or sunset.

But many years of taking photos have now taught me that there are scenes that work without clouds; not only work but are best photographed under such conditions. And I’m not only talking about photographing stars, which is certainly one example.

In the following video, I share five more recipes for capturing great photos under clear skies.

Do you go out photographing during days with clear skies? Be sure to share your favorite images with us in a comment below!

Michael Breitung
Michael Breitung is a freelance landscape photographer from Germany. He started with Photography in 2008 and it quickly became his passion. He always loved to be out in nature and was drawn to landscape photography right from the start. Wide scenic landscapes, waterfalls, mountain vistas and coasts are his favourite subjects. Post processing plays an important role in his photography too. The main focus when editing his photos is for them to reflect the atmosphere as he perceived it. For this he developed a special workflow, which ge describes in his video tutorials