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Landscape Photography tips & tricks by CaptureLandscapes.

How to Prepare for a Photography Tour

Read This Before Attending a Photography Workshop
As we talked about in our previous article Important Things to Know Before Booking a Photography Tour, attending a workshop is a great way to improve your photography and learn from a professional. However, there are certain things you should do to prepare in order to get the best result and make the most out of the time. Know the Basics of Your Camera Even if...

Introduction to Shutter Speed in Landscape Photography

Shutter Speed is measured in seconds, or fractions of seconds. A larger denominator such as 1/1000 is a quicker shutter speed than a lower denominator such as 1/10 allowing less light to reach the sensor. But how does it impact your image?

5 Tips for Landscape Photography in Iceland

Iceland has quickly become one of the most popular countries for landscape photographers to visit. Once you've been there yourself it's not hard to understand why travelers from all around the world are choosing it as their next photography destination. So how do you make sure that you come home with the best...

Leading The Way In Landscapes

Leading Lines Landscape Photography
Every artist starts with a message. Every landscape photographer starts with a natural scene. As a landscape photographer myself, I know that we translate what we see, into a visual path that the eye can follow. We illustrate this journey through allowing the featured shapes, textures, tones and lines to tell our story. We tell the viewer what to...

Why You Should Start Shooting Landscapes During Golden Hour

The single biggest leap forward you can make with your landscape photography is to start shooting during golden hour. Goodbye harsh contrasty shadows, hello keepers in your blossoming portfolio! What is Golden Hour in Landscape Photography? The Golden Hour or as it's sometimes called; 'magic hour', is the time slightly before and after sunrise and sunset, so really it should be called...

How to Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

You might already have heard of Instagram's latest feature, Instagram Stories, which has been a hot topic since its release. Very similar to Snapchat, this feature let's you share images and videos that disappears 24 hours after being published. While Snapchat already works the exact same way, this could be a great update for those who already have a decent...

How to Avoid Crowds at Tourist Traps

If you have ever photographed popular tourist destinations you know how challenging it can be to get a good shot with so many people walking around. No matter what direction you face there's someone in your frame and at times the composition you desire might even be unreachable. Personally I've been at gorgeous locations where I've had to leave back towards the car...

Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography
Have you ever seen an image of a waterfall or ocean where the water looks soft and silky, almost unreal or perhaps you’ve seen an image in a city where cars are turned into long red lines? Maybe you’ve even thought these were heavily manipulated. The truth is, it’s actually a rather easy technique made possible with the use...

Landscape Photography with a Drone

Introduction to Landscape Photography with a Drone When hearing the word drone, many of us start thinking about news stories on invasion of privacy, buzzing spying machines and other awful things media jumps into so often, rather than thinking about a quadcopter. However, there is a brighter and more pleasant use of that wonderful piece of modern technology: landscape photography. I've been involved in photographing areal landscape and  cityscape photography...

Photography Terms and Expressions Every Beginner Should Know

photography terms and expressions
This article is intended to help you understand the most important terms and expressions within photography, and probably a couple of less important ones too.

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