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How to Choose Your Next Tripod

Choose your next tripod
Finding the best Tripod for Landscape Photography For those who follow our articles regularly, you might have heard this before: The most important tool besides your creativity and camera is a solid tripod. By using a tripod you will be introduced to a bunch of new possibilities and your photography will be taken to the next level. So, how do you choose the...

My Most Important Tool for Photography

important tool for photography
About one year ago I was photographing the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. I'm used to photographing landscapes where it's rare to see another photographer; at most there's two or three others. This event, however, was quite different. If you wanted a good spot around the popular Tidal Basin you needed to arrive at least one hour before sunrise....

This Common Mistake Will Damage the Image Quality

How to Use and Adjust the Maximum Auto ISO
Even though I highly recommend learning how to use manual mode and to avoid using any automatic functions, it’s no secret that the majority of beginning photographers prefer using a semi- or fully automatic mode. Using a semi-automatic mode can be helpful in learning to understand how the fundamental settings work but there are some things you need to be...

10 Steps to Photographing Fireworks Perfectly

photographing fireworks
An Introduction to Photographing Fireworks Photographing fireworks is for photographers and photography enthusiasts among the highlights of New Year's Eve, national days and other events. There's something special when the city or landscape you love is topped with a beautiful display of exploding colors. Capturing the fireworks while correctly exposing the image, however, is challenging even professional photographers struggle with. There are...

7 Unexpected Tips for Better Landscape Photography

Unexpected Tips for Better Landscape Photography
Let’s face it. Half the articles sharing “the top tips” for you to capture better landscape images are rather generic. Sure, straightening the horizon and photographing during the golden hour may have a positive impact on your photos but will they make you a better photographer? Instead of looking at those basics, I...

How to Photograph Forests and Trees

Photographing Trees and Forests
Master the Art of Photographing Forests and Trees Landscape photography is often associated with the Grand Landscape and the famous vistas. I love a beautiful sunset from a vantage point with impressive mountains in the background just as much as anyone, and I have several times traveled across the globe to find such a scene and capture it. However, one of...

Graduated ND Filters or Multiple Exposures: What is Best?

Graduated Neutral Density Filter or Multiple Exposures
Using a Graduated Neutral Density filter is fairly easy and doesn’t require any advanced techniques in post-production but the easiest option isn't always the best choice; due to the filter's transition being horizontal, anything above the distinction will be darkened and anything below will be left alone. This is a good solution when there's a flat horizon but what do...

MIOPS Mobile: A Useful Gadget for Photographers?

Miops Mobile Review
For the last few weeks, I've been testing the new Miops Mobile; a camera remote that connects to your phone. It's no secret that a remote shutter release is an important tool for landscape photographers who want razor sharp images. Unfortunately, as many have experienced, cabled releases tend to break quite easily. For that reason, wireless remotes have become popular alternatives....

Visualize Spots: Reveal Dust Spots in Lightroom

Visualize Spots in Lightroom
See video at the bottom of the article for an easy-to-follow explanation.  As outdoor photographers, we often spend time in harsh conditions with strong winds that carry snow, sand or other particles. This can lead to quite the amount of dust spots on your lens or sensor, which you're not always able to clean in the field. Either it's dust spots or...

Introduction to Bulb Mode

Introduction to Bulb Mode
Have you ever heard of Bulb Mode? Perhaps you have noticed that the maximum shutter speed in your camera is 30 seconds. Maybe you've even noticed that when you scroll the wheel just one step further your display shows the words Bulb or Time. But do you know what it means? This is actually a highly valued setting among landscape photographers, especially...

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