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Landscape Photography tips & tricks by CaptureLandscapes.

Quality vs. Quantity: 4 Photographer’s Advice on Growing an Online Following

Quality vs. Quantity: 4 Photographer’s Advice on Growing an Online Following
Growing an online following is something many photographers dream to do. Some do it to have a moment in the spotlight while others do it as a way to grow their business or connect with like-minded people. There are lots of advice on how you can get followers on Instagram. Some are legit and some are not. Growing a healthy...

How to Photograph Northern Lights

How to Photograph Northern Lights
The chances are high that you've seen several images of the Aurora Borealis (also known as Northern Lights) on some social media. During the last few years, tourism has exploded in places such as Iceland and Northern Norway and more and more people are traveling to these Arctic locations in winter to witness these fascinating phenomena for themselves. Perhaps...

The ‘500 Rule’ for Night Photography Explained

500 Rule Night Photography
If you've played around with night photography before you're well aware of the many differences to standard landscape photography. Forget about the rules and guidelines you know about general settings for photography; most of these are likely to do more harm than good when the sun goes down and stars take over the sky.

Why Every Landscape Photographer Needs a Tripod

landscape photographers need a tripod
There's no doubt that as a landscape photographer you need to invest in a tripod. Sure, you might not always use it and there are scenarios where it's better to leave it behind but having it available is going to open several doors and introduce you to a whole new world of photography. I've previously talked about how to photograph...

My Most Important Tool for Photography

important tool for photography
About one year ago I was photographing the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. I'm used to photographing landscapes where it's rare to see another photographer; at most there's two or three others. This event, however, was quite different. If you wanted a good spot around the popular Tidal Basin you needed to arrive at least one hour before sunrise....

Top 5 Misconceptions of Black & White Photography

Misconceptions Black White Photography
Back in the days of film photography and Ansel Adams, black and white were the only two colors that you could capture a photograph with. There was no such thing as color film and, if there were, it was just starting out and not nearly as popular. But when color photography did finally become popular, it completely devoured most...

9 Composition Tips for Underwater Photography

Composition Tips for Underwater Photography
Underwater photography is one of my favourite things to talk about because the element of water can provide such incredible results. It’s just a matter of knowing where to start. Once you enter the water a lot of factors change, what you may have been comfortable with on land can become a little more challenging. Light conditions are tricky, subjects...

3 Quick Steps to Beautiful Long Exposure Photography

Beautiful Long Exposure Photography
Long Exposure Photography has become a popular niche and one that I often mention. It's a technique that has the potential to take your photography from boring to Wow! The best part is that it's not particularly hard to learn and, in reality, there are only a few steps to follow in order to get started. Let's take a look at the...

7 Tips for Photographing Woods and Forests

7 Simple Guidelines to Capture Beautiful Images of Woods and Forests Woods and forests are challenging scenes to photograph as it's often hard to spot solid compositions and there's overwhelmingly much information. Unlike photographing grand landscapes, it's rare that you find obvious compositions in the forest and you won't be able to simply set up the camera and shoot something. This...

A Creative Exercise With a Slow Shutter Speed

Creative exercise with slow shutter speed
A Simple Exercise That Will Make You Understand Shutter Speed Using a slow shutter speed can in many scenarios make an average image great. By lengthening the exposure time, your camera is able to register movement and create a sense of motion in the image. This technique is typically used when photographing seascapes, rivers and waterfalls but a slow shutter...

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