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Born and raised in the northern parts of Norway, I was exposed to the great outdoors very early in life. The magic light north of the polar circle with midnight sun, long blue hours and aurora borealis, had a profound impact on my view on nature and later on my photography. I got my first camera at the age of nine in the late seventies. Surrounded by nature, landscapes became my first subject matter, and have stayed with me ever since. Growing up with film- and darkroom-work gave me a foundation to understand the technical aspects of light, colors, exposure and printing. I started to work digitally in 2002 and converted to a full digital workflow in 2012. I currently use the Hasselblad H-system and make fine-art prints of my landscape-captures on Epson large-format printers. I feel most at home when roaming the mountains and fjords of Norway, but also love to travel and visit other spectacular landscapes around the world.

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