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Hello guys, I am Arpan. I am an Astrophysics research student by profession. Astrophysics is everything for me, I don’t love anything more than I love the mystery of the Universe. Though I have great passions for other things in life. Exploring the wilderness and landscape photography are two of my favorites things to do and they combine with my study very well. I started photography when my father bought a simple point and shoot Nikon camera for our tour in North East India. Since he was not well familiar to modern technological gadgets, he handed me the camera and asked me to capture the moments from our trips. I quite enjoyed the experience, especially capturing the nature of our beautiful North East India. After returning from the trip I asked my father if I can keep the camera and after his green signal I started to take lots of images. As any other photographer I started to shoot every random subject I observed. But I decided to be a Landscape Photographer when I moved to Italy for my higher studies. The vast mountains of Alps and the beauty of the Alpine valleys were simply one of the best things I had observed for the first time. I decided to take Landscape Photography to advance with. So far I have enjoyed it more than anything ( of course after Astrophysics) and I don’t see any chance of diverting from it in near future. Though I love both sea and mountains, but I am addicted to mountains. I love hiking in the mountains, sunset and sunrises are my favourite times to take landscapes. But why I become addicted to Astrophotography? Well you can guess from my profession! I don’t have a personal website but I am working on it, soon I will have it. I offer personal post processing tutorials if anyone is interested. Contact me on Facebook/Instagram/email.