Faroe Islands Photo Tour 2024

The rugged and wild landscapes of the Faroe Islands have gained international attention and it's not without reason that photographers are opening their eyes for it. Join this unforgettable adventure as we explore the very best locations of the islands.

Faroe Islands Photo Tour

Imagine standing on the edge of a dramatic cliff overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean, capturing the ethereal beauty of the Faroe Islands with your camera. If you’re passionate about photography and crave the thrill of exploring untamed landscapes, this Faroe Islands Photo Tour is your gateway to a photographic adventure like no other.

During this 7-day tour we will visit and explore some of the most picturesque locations these rugged and dramatic islands have to offer. The weather on the Faroe Islands is quickly changing, meaning we can be treated with world-class light all day long. 

Early May offers a unique opportunity to witness the Faroe Islands in all its glory. The weather is dramatic, and the popular tourist spots are noticeably quieter. It’s a time for epic shots and unforgettable experiences.

I believe in the power of small, intimate groups. With a maximum of 6 participants, you’ll have the privilege of personalized, one-on-one instruction both in the field and during post-processing. The goal is for you to return home with images you’re proud of, a better understanding of landscape photography, and memories that will last a lifetime. 


Flexibility is a key ingredient in having a successful visit to the Faroe Islands. The itinerary is, to a certain extent, in the hands of Mother Nature. The conditions are ever-changing because of the many local weather systems. This means light can change within minutes and kilometers.

That’s why I always work with a very flexible schedule, but locations such as Gjógv, Gásadalur, Trælanípa, Saksun, Tjørnuvík, Funningur, Nordradalur, and Sornfelli, plus many more, are on the list.

We will also spend a full day exploring the incredible Suduroy, the southernmost island. This is a gem for landscape photography and offers a wide range of incredible views.

Keep in mind that this is a full-on photography tour. That means we have an action packed trip beginning right after pickup on Day 1. While activities are mainly planned around sunrise and sunset, expect to be out chasing the light during the day too.

The Faroe Islands are packed with locations, so the weather and light conditions will decide where we will go.

Faroe Islands Photo Tour


    Faroe Islands Photo Tour FAQ


    All of our photo tours are open to beginners as well as professionals. The only criteria is that you have a great passion for photography, and have the energy and motivation to be on the go every day and night. 

    Traveling in a small group I adapt to every participant’s photographic experience and provide the needed assistance. There will be a lot of time for one-on-one instructions.


    You have to be well equipped for all kinds of dramatic weather including rainfall and strong wind. Bring comfortable, warm, and waterproof outer layers such as Gore-tex, thermal underwear, and water-resistant boots.

    I’m happy to give more specific suggestions if needed. 


    The weather and climate in the Faroe Islands are renowned for being extremely unpredictable because of its many local weather systems. This means conditions can change within minutes and kilometers, also resulting in very dramatic light and photographic opportunities. It is one of the most fascinating places on earth for photography!

    Therefore you should expect everything from rain and wind with temperature just above freezing, to sun and blue skies. The average temperature in May is 7c (44f).


    At the very least, bring your own camera, lenses, tripod, and laptop. 

    If you are considering upgrading or investing in new camera gear prior to the trip, feel free to ask me for advice.

    Quick Facts

    Dates: May 5th – May 11th, 2024

    Location: Faroe Islands

    Available seats: 1/6

    Difficulty level: “Easy +” Some locations require an easy walk/hike to reach.

    Price: 3090 EURO (based on double occupancy – single room supplement is 300 EURO).

    Registration deposit: 500 EURO (full payment required 60 days prior to the tour).

    Arrival: Vagar Airport, May 5th (Or optional pickup in Torshavn)

    Departure: Vagar Airport, May 11th – at any suitable time

    Included: Professional photo guide, all tuition, individual post-processing sessions, transportation and accommodation in hotels.

    Not included: Any travel services required arriving and departing at and from the starting location at Vagar airport. Any private insurances, taxes, levies, immigration, duty and visa fees where applicable. All meals and any personal items including alcoholic beverages, snacks, souvenirs and travel insurance.

    Meet Your Instructors

    Christian Hoiberg
    Christian Hoiberg is a full-time Norwegian landscape photographer and the founder of CaptureLandscapes. His goal is to help aspiring photographers develop the skills needed to capture beautiful and impactful images. Download his free guide 30 Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photography and start creating better photos today. Visit his website or Instagram to view more of his photography.