Landscape Photography Portfolio Review

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level but you’re struggling to figure out where to begin? Do you feel your images are missing that little extra? Perhaps you’re stuck and haven’t seen any improvement in a long time and need some guiding? With our Landscape Photography Portfolio Review we will help you further with the ultimate goal to improve your landscape photography.

The unfortunate consequence of social media is that we’re constantly being tricked to believe we are better than what we are. People comment on each other’s images just to get more likes and comments themselves, and the typical response to your images are “nice shot” or “awesome”. Believing that you’re better than what you are can be a huge limitation to your artistic growth and instead of improving you’re stuck at the same level.

Sometimes you need someone else than your family or friends to comment on your images and give more rewarding feedback. By receiving more detailed feedback than the typical Instagram comment you will be able to notice the flaws in your work and continue to improve your photography.

How does the review work?

With our Landscape Photography Portfolio Review you will get a customized review of your images including guidelines of what you need to focus on to improve your landscape photography. It’s important for us that you benefit from the review so we choose to give honest feedback and we will be mentioning the lesser good parts of your images and how you can fix them. That being said, we find it just as important for you to be aware of your qualities too – so we will also be looking into what you master.

This is what we do and focus upon in our review:

  • Breakdown of each individual image
    • We will analyze each image and comment on it’s strengths and weaknesses plus provide useful insights on how the image can be improved.
  • Ranking of the images
    • We choose a favorite and least favorite image and explain why.
  • General comments on your portfolio
    • We take a holistic view of your portfolio and provide feedback to what’s good and where you need more focus
  • What to improve
    • We will look at where you need to improve and give a detailed feedback on how to improve on these topics and guide you towards useful resources.

How does it work?

Depending on the package you choose to purchase you upload a series of images and some basic information about yourself that our reviewer receives. While it’s not obligatory you are recommended to also share some information about your photographic ambitions. When purchasing the product you’ll be directed to a page where you can upload images and information.

Within the timeframe described you will receive a .pdf document containing the breakdown of your images and complete review of your portfolio.

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