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Focus Stacking for Depth of Field Made Easy

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Focus Stacking for Depth of Field Made Easy will teach you how to overcome the limitations of your camera and lenses and capture razor sharp images. This video includes both in-field and post-processing lessons.


Have you ever seen images that are razor sharp and incredibly detailed from the closest foreground object all the way back to the furthest reaches of the background? Would you like to achieve that in your images too?

Focus Stacking for Depth of Field Made Easy is an info-packed 1.5-hour video tutorial where you'll learn the exact techniques used to create these razor sharp images.

Renowned landscape photographer Mark Metternich explains the at time complex and challenging techniques and makes them easy to understand and implement into your own workflow.

This video will teach you to overcome the limitations of your camera and lenses.

Besides in-the-field lessons, you'll learn post processing workflows that involve Adobe Lightroom, Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop. With Mark's easy to understand teaching style you will be well on your way to stunningly sharp images with maximum depth of field in no time at all! Many extra goodies are shared along the way.

Quick Facts

Instructor: Mark Metternich
Duration: 1hr 30 Minutes
Softwares: Adobe Lightroom, Camera RAW & Adobe Photoshop
Techniques: Tonal Control, Light Painting, Double Processing, Advanced Masking ++

Difficulty: Intermediate

Please allow enough time for the files to fully download.


The Instructor

For over a decade and a half Mark Metternich has been one of a few elite, highly sought after, cutting edge, digital imaging specialists producing countless thousands of world-class fine art gallery enlargements for high-end photography galleries and individuals around the world.

Learn How to Always Capture Razor Sharp Images


1 review for Focus Stacking for Depth of Field Made Easy

  1. Michael Sherman (verified owner)

    An in-depth and serious approach to the field of focus stacking and blending. I was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and instruction and was soon after out in the field myself using the techniques. Very useful indeed and one video to keep handy for reference. I’m still amazed at one can learn!

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