The weekend has arrived which means that it’s time for another Inspirational Friday. This week we’re looking at 15 photographs of seascapes and waves, so take on your waders and get ready to be wet!

Earlier this week we shared an article and video teaching you how to capture the perfect wave and later on edit the file in Photoshop. After looking through these images, you might want to read through that article and go out to the coast to try these techniques yourself. Are you up for the challenge?

Wave ll by nikos Bantouvakis on

wave by Tiger Seo on

Awaiting by Carl Pan on

Wild Swirl by Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim on

Ascension by William Patino on

The Modern Force by Toby Harriman on

Morning Glow by Joshua Zhang on

Moody Moss by Cain Pascoe on

Tidal Dance. by Brian Adelberg on

Waterfall by Warren Keelan on

Dissolving Emotions by Lorenzo Nadalini on

Slick & Slide by Christian Lim on

Absolutely ;) by Carlos M. Almagro on

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Seascape Photography is an exciting subject despite being somewhat more challenging than “regular” landscape photography. While the fundamentals remain the same, we’re now dealing with more elements which can both break and make the image. In these articles, we teach you what you need to know in order to benefit from these elements and capture the best possible seascape images:

Share Your Images

My challenge to you this weekend is to use the images and articles above and go out creating beautiful images of the ocean. Afterwards, share it with us by uploading them into the comments below (look for the image icon and click it to embed an image). If you don’t have easy access to the coast, I still encourage you to upload your best seascape images so we can keep the inspiration going!