A decorated Christmas tree, family gathering, the smell of food and baked goods, and gifts under the tree are all great Christmas traditions I enjoy but to get the in the Christmas spirit I need snow. Lots of snow. I need to could look out the window and see snowcovered trees and a white field. This year I’m lucky enough to enjoy a white Christmas but that’s not the case for everyone.

That’s why I’ve put together this collection of 13 amazing winter images that will give you the proper Christmas spirit and motivate you to go photographing this winter. Enjoy these beautiful images captured by talented photographers around the globe:

Bavarian Chapell by Joachim Wendenburg on 500px.com

Hibernation II - 1st Place 2016 Epson Pano Awards by Alex Noriega on 500px.com

Winter Wonderland at Vending by Espen Haagensen on 500px.com

Kitkajoki by Jari Ehrström on 500px.com

Mincing moon by Sven Olav Vahlenkamp on 500px.com

Checkmate by Andrew Bazanov on 500px.com

Fairy tales of Lapland by Andrey Chabrov on 500px.com

Small Cloud by Didier Lanore on 500px.com

Winter Wonders II by Lars van de Goor on 500px.com

Frozen by Kilian Schönberger on 500px.com

Essence of Calmness by Anne Schneidersmann on 500px.com

White darkness by Tomáš Vocelka on 500px.com

small lake by nikos Bantouvakis on 500px.com

Learn More About Winter Photography

Hopefully, these images have given you a taste of the Christmas spirit and perhaps even motivated you to go out capturing images this winter for yourself. If you’re new to winter photograph than here are some articles you might want to read before heading out:

Happy Holidays!